New ingredient discoveries: collards' English cousin, cavolo nero, and blood orange juice

Here's a few random bits and pieces I've been cooking lately, with varying levels of success.  (I know, right - with an introduction...


Matcha mousse, chocolate stout pudding and baked figs: More cupboard clear outs

After making matcha cookies a while ago , I still had a good bit of matcha left and no real idea what to do with it. With a house move in ...


Testing out a new treat delivery service, Vegan Tuck Box

A few months ago, it seemed like every vegan blogger I follow has been posting about having got a Vegan Cuts box and all the lovely and fun ...


First experiments with baking with apple sauce

On my quest to rid my store cupboards of everything humanly possible (I'm moving house in a few weeks!) I turned my attention to a jar ...


Brighton finds: A review of Iydea and Boho Gelato

I love going to Brighton – it's full of quirky shops, nice pubs, it's by the sea, and there's a fair few vegan eateries the...


Cupboard clearout: Mac and cheese, split peas and pain au Speculoos

It turns out before too long, I'll have to move house. And you know what moving house means? Moving kitchen. And you know what moving ...

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