A vegan visit to Planet Organic and Caffe Nero

My university's not a million miles away from a branch of Planet Organic. I couldn't remember popping into one before, so during a b...


The omelette recipe that's been keeping me alive

By the time you read this, I'll have sat my first set of university exams - immunology, pharmacology, cells, ethics, physiology, anatomy...


Sausage rolls and a new vegan cake discovery

Mr Flicking the Vs likes walking. A lot. My idea of a good walk is a brief one that ends in a pub, his is something that I'd normally ge...


A quick day trip to Brighton for heavenly ice cream and arancini

Oh Brighton, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. One, you have a great beach. Two, you have lovely places to eat. Three, you ...


Things I made that weren't that good

As a science student, I've been reading Ben Goldacre's Bad Pharma, a terrifying look at the drug industry. One of the industry's...


The vegan cream of mushroom soup recipe that made me not hate mushroom soup

When I was a kid, I'd live in fear of cream of mushroom soup. Occasionally, my mum would buy cans of the stuff and feed it to us for lun...

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