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Simple lockdown pleasures (with all manner of vegan treats, of course)

Lockdown is, so I'm told, the perfect time to do new things. I guess the people that say that don't have heavy duty jobs, or kids to look after, or are carers. But let's pretend we're all using this time to do new things. At least in the kitchen, I am a bit. When I'm meant to be doing work or studying, I'm secretly dreaming of the new dishes that I'm going to cook when it's lunchtime. When I was down our local supermarket, trying desperately to keep 2m away from everyone else, I stumbled into the pasta aisle, and one of the only pastas that were left were conchiglioni -- otherwise known as absolutely huge pasta shells. Ever since then, I've been thinking about making conchiglioni filled with ricotta and spinach (the vegan version, of course). So I made this:    I used firm tofu with nooch, miso, garlic and lemon juice let down with a little soy milk to make the ricotta, and some kale instead of spinach. I stuffed the tofu ricotta and

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