A vegan recipe for brown rice gallo pinto

Looking for some mental chewing gum the other day, I picked up the autobiography of a gold and diamond miner who worked his way around th...


Making vegan tapas at home

It started with the padron peppers.  They turned up in my veg box the other week. I love padron peppers. Mr Flicking the Vs loves them ...


Vegan in Lisbon: A weekend's eating

Lisbon had never been on my top ten list of places to visit. Probably not even on my top 100 places to visit. It had passed me by. It was on...


Chocolate cake and Sunday roast in Deptford

Having mentioned recently how much I really love both being on holiday from university and museums, I treated myself to use some of the time...


A weekend's eating in Bath

Oh, Bath. I love you, Bath. Bath was one of the first places me and Mr Flicking the Vs went away together as a couple, and I still have ...


Check this out: a new vegan fermented nut cheese

There's a new vegan cheese in town - and this one's cashew-based. My Gary tastes are quite limited: I don't much care for soy ...

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