Carrot, courgette and corn bake

A friend of mine - let's call him Nick, because that's his name - maintains that he doesn't like tofu. Madness, I tell you, madn...


Choc and berry bread pudding

You buy a loaf of bread. You use most of it. There's a couple of stale-ish slices leftover, so you chuck them in the freezer. You ignore...


Parsnip and red pepper korokke

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a recipe for Japanese korokke, Western style potato cakes as reimagined by the land of the rising sun. I li...


Smoked tofu and leek roly poly

Did you know it was British Pie Week this week? Yes, like every food stuff worth its salt in need of a bit of PR puff, the pie has been giv...

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