New breakfast ideas wanted or, can old oatcakes learn new tricks?

What do you eat for breakfast? Is the first meal of the day a rollercoaster ride of mind-bending new dishes, or more same old, same old? ...


Otto pizza restaurant review: If only I had another stomach

I don't often get over to west London, but after my first trip to Otto pizza this week, I'm already planning a repeat visit. It...


Japanese rice and baked veggies

Sometimes, when you find a recipe you like, you just send up making it over and over and over and then making yourself sick of it. I on...

feel the food fear

Naan bread: Feel the fear and cook it anyway, episode 6

As recipes go, the idea of making naan bread has always given me the fear. Don't get me wrong, I love eating it, but it's ver...


Cooking from Veggiestan part deux

After my first successful soujourn in the land of Veggiestan , I decided it was time for a return visit. Not only had all the recipes I tr...


Pan bagnat recipe - or how to avoid wet bread with your wet bread

I thought after I'd finished MoFo, I'd want to put my feet up and steer well clear of all things blogging related. Turns out, I ...

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