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Otto pizza restaurant review: If only I had another stomach

I don't often get over to west London, but after my first trip to Otto pizza this week, I'm already planning a repeat visit.

It's a pizza place over in Notting Hill, and as someone who doesn't like pizza or Notting Hill, it wasn't the obvious place for me to go for lunch.

Otto isn't a vegan place, or even veggie, but it does cater well for all those of a plant-friendly persuasion. It has about four or five veggie pizzas, and two or three vegan ones, and there are sometimes extras on the specials board.

Our server explained the pizzas to us something like this: "you know Italian pizzas with the thing crust? Otto's aren't like that. They're made of cornmeal and they're thick more like the American style. We recommend two or three slices per person. I've never been able to have more than three."

Yep - thanks to that big, thick cornmeal crust, you order Otto's pizza by the slice rather than by the whole pizza. I started out with two, and my other half (a big strapping chap) went for three.

When we went there were three vegan choices: spinach and artichoke, red lentil kofte, and red onion and sweetcorn. I went for a slice each of the first two.

And they were great! The spinach and artichoke came heaped with both of its namesakes, along with cashew cheese, and lots of parsley and garlic. As a rule, I'd suggest coming here with your long-term boyfriend or girlfriend as the garlic levels were so high, you'd not want to be kissing anyone else. I was quite happy though, being something of a garlic fiend, and it was in perfect balance with the greenery.

Here's how the lentil kofte measured up:

All on top were cashew ricotta, red lentil kofte, red onion, red curry sauce, and coriander.

I couldn't pick up any of the red lentilness in there - if you've have asked me, I would have said they were falafels - but they were incredibly tasty nonetheless. The curry sauce wasn't Indian as I expected but more Thai - not a traditional pizza topping, but it really worked, and all the spices made it a much more interesting plate.

I very nearly didn't finish the second slice - to say the cornmeal base was filling is something of an understatement. I really struggled, as did Mr Flicking the Vs. ("A fourth slice would have been insanity," he said) but we both soldiered on as we were enjoying the pizza so much.

I couldn't tell you if Otto does dessert, or sides, or anything like that. I guess no one can ever eat anything else after the pizza without growing another stomach. But with pizza this good, you don't need to.

6 Chepstow Road
Notting Hill
W2 5BH
0207 792 4088

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  1. What' this nonsense about you not liking pizza, blasphemy I say!
    Man, those are some huge ass slices, I totally get why you don't order those things by the pizza. That's pretty awesome that they use cashew cheese, I would love to find a place that makes their own cheese here, every place I've been is all about the Daiya. Which is alright but it'd be nice to have some different options. Talk about vegan first world problems :P

  2. Ah, you finally went to Otto!! :) It's so good, isn't it? I love that they make their own cashew cheese! I've been there a few times, and each time they have different vegan pizzas (it changes seasonally) which I think is so cool. Haha and great point about the garlic levels!

  3. Oh my, those are huge! They look amazing though and I'm sure I could "force" down 3 slices...
    Another resto to add to my list. All these veg-friendly places make me very happy :)

  4. I love cornmeal crust, they are so good! There’s an awesome vegan-friendly eatery in Portland (but in the east side) called Dove Vivi, they make cornmeal crust pizzas, and they are sooooo tasty without relying on vegan cheese or meat alternatives - everything was made from scratch! I’ve yet to post some photos from Dove Vivi (falling behind on dining posts in the U.S.)

  5. I just finished dinner, and yet I'm ravenously hungry all over again after reading this post! What I would give to have these eats nearby... Failing that, maybe it's just a hint that I need to start traveling again.

  6. Wow, those slices look incredible! I'm always so excited when pizza places make their own vegan cheeses. If Daiya is on offer, then I'd prefer it cheeseless. However, if they make their own with cashews or tofu, count me in!

  7. First of all, I didn't even know about this place!!! I haven't been to Notting Hill in years and I gave up on looking for great pizza in London. Damn! Second of all, you're comments about how a 4th slice would be insanity have me all riled up and I feel the absolutely irrational need to go to Otto's as soon as I'm back in London and eat 4 slices. My brain sucks like that. hahaha. Please join me :)

    1. See how much my brain sucks. YOUR not YOU'RE this is going to keep me up tonight. That and dreams of this pizza.

  8. I am soooo envious of the cashew cream on pizza!! Although those slices look nothing like the ones here in nyc....in the best way possible! Cornmeal crust sounds delightful.
    My theory is that if you and the bf eat garlic it cancels each other out ;)

  9. Wow, sounds awesome, and the pizzas are beautiful! I would have been hard pressed on which style to choose.

  10. I could go for either one of those slices, they both look awesome! Oh, how I wish there was more creative options for pizza around here.

  11. These deep dish pizzas look amazing! I could definitely eat two slices (or more) of this for lunch right now! They came up with some great vegan options for a place that is not vegan/vegetarian.

  12. This looks pretty fantastic, and while normally I'm a fan of thin crust - the deep dish is winning me over in these photos. I hope you boxed up the rest for another day!

  13. Wow, I've never heard of this place but they look brilliant. Love that they are so different to the usual type of pizza.


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