black bean

A black bean and sweet potato burger recipe for Vegan Burger Day

Happy Vegan Burger Day! Like you need any excuse to eat vegan burgers, but if you do, I'm happy to provide one! I read on Tea and Symp...


Cobnuts to you all

I've been banging on about spring for a while, but thanks to a bit of stuff I forgot on my camera, we're going to get a little bit u...


Spring things: Runner beans, stuff on muffins, and vegan Cherry Garcia

I'm about two weeks away from (hopefully) my last exams. If all goes well, this September I'll be at university and I'll have sp...


Step away from the kitchen, right now

You know when you think 'there's all sorts of crap in my freezer, why don't I go all Iron Chef and see what I can make with it?...

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