butter beans

Vegan jello, Mexican sweetcorn and other summer delights

If I had to pick my favourite season, I'd probably say autumn. There's something about walking through the air with that first nip o...


Salads for hot weather, and artichokes not for the win

With my studying having got a bit quieter, I've been able to get back into my kitchen again and start cooking something a little bit mor...


The great mystery food memory fail guessing game

When I was raiding my camera for snaps of what I've been eating recently, I was somewhat confused to find that I couldn't remember w...

ice cream

Asparagasm vegan pop-up in Brixton market - a mash-up you shouldn't miss

I'll be honest, the term 'fine dining' normally makes me want to stick pins in my eyes. I've been to some fancy-dan restaura...


Vegan in Dubrovnik

Hey, I'm back! I've missed you guys. Did anything happen while I was away? I've been in Dubrovnik, Croatia for a short holiday...

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