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The great mystery food memory fail guessing game

When I was raiding my camera for snaps of what I've been eating recently, I was somewhat confused to find that I couldn't remember what had passed my lips in the past days.

So join with me as I take a tour of all the meals I've forgotten recently, as we play Guess the Meal!

Take this fella for a start. What exactly is it? I couldn't tell you. All suggestions on a postcard. I think there's sweet potato in there, and maybe tofu too, but flavoured with what? Who knows? A shiny mystery sauce of wonder, I can only hope. A shiny mystery sauce of wonder so glorious no fragment of its joy can be retained by the human memory, perhaps.

It looks like one of the early victims to my current favourite trend of adding lentils to the rice as it's cooking to bring some extra flavour and texture to the finished result. Looks like a mixture of brown rice and green lentils to me, what do you reckon?

This next meal looks like a more straightforward proposition - burritos or Mexican wraps of some kind? If only the filling weren't so hidden, perhaps I could have a better guess as to what they contained.

There some pickled radishes, it looks like, some guacamole, grated carrot and peppers, but what lies beneath them, hidden in their vegetable cloak? If I had to guess, I'd say tofu scramble and black beans. I mean, I don't know if that's right, but that's what I'd want it to be if I was eating it again right now.

The one thing I do recall about this meal was it was inspired by the discovery of mini wraps in the supermarket - more dainty saucer-sized ones, rather than the usual dinner plate-sized wraps you get normally. I was pleased by them, as it sparked the realisation I could either cut down my wrap consumption by weight (eat two small wraps instead of two large ones), or just eat the more wraps and get the same volume of wrappage overall (eat three small wraps, instead of two large ones.) That's a wrap win-win, right there.

Though I can't remember which of the two options I chose, lets pretend it was the former, so I can bathe in my restraint.

Next up in my memory fail-based post is this wrap, which I found in a nearby supermarket and was marked as vegan. You know, with the word vegan and everything (I bought it in Tesco, which doesn't really put vegan labelling on anything, including most things that couldn't be anything but vegan.)
I meant to make a note of the maker to say it wasn't half bad for something you put in the microwave when you've not got any proper food on hand - a great big filling of squidy curried potato filling and a light greasy in a good way Indian roti around it. If you're in Tesco, and you find it in the freezer, let me know what it is. 

I think it had been in my freezer for six months before I ate it though, so the it may have been discontinued. At least I got to enjoy it while excavating the further reaches of the ice box, and it didn't seem to have been harmed any by its stay in the deep freeze. 

And from cold to hot, and one thing I do remember making recently - baked peaches!

Man, these were tasty. Little donut peaches are so good right now - so full of flavour and reminiscent of how amazing peaches used to taste before they were bred for weight rather than taste.

There's not much to this one - cut the peaches in half, sprinkle on some sugar or sweetener of your choice, tiny bit of dairy-free butter, stick in the oven, and wait til the delicious smell of roasting fruit fruit means you can't wait any longer and have to grab them and gobble them all up.

Note to self: next week, remember to write down what you're eating when you're eating it...

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  1. Haha! Yr guesses are all probably better than mine. I thought the second wrap was like a peanut butter and banana thing.
    It drives me crazy when I can't remember what a food I ate was!

  2. For things that you can't remember what they are, they look pretty good! Donut peaches are the best. So cute! I get them from the farmer's market so they have some flavor but the baked version looks awesome too. :-)

  3. I'm glad it isn't just me who eats things, photographs them, and forgets what they were. Your dishes all look lovely, and I think I've been enjoying those mini wraps - in the less restrained way ;)

  4. Haha, I've not blogged much recently and my camera is full of mystery snaps too!

  5. mmm baked peaches and they do look like doughnuts. I love your guessing what you would want to be in a recipe - I sometimes do that on other blogs esp when they is meat and I just assume it is tofu or lentil etc. And the mini wraps sound fun but that wrap looks so full as to be very messy to eat - any memories there?

  6. Ah, there are so many photos I have for which I meant to write recipes about but waited too long, and alas, I've forgotten what I did to make them. Sounds like we're not alone - from all your comments. :-) Love those peaches, though!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one with unidentified food photos lurking in my files. They were all shot with good intentions of a food post, but I guess not everything goes according to plan. Your food all looks tasty, even if you can't say exactly what the taste was!

  8. I know the feeling - it happens often when I travel. I bring a travel notebook with me now and write everything I eat and what I think of them because I know I won’t be sharing them very soon.

    1. Looks like a sweet & savory sauce with sweet potato & tofu, served with lentils, brown rice and greens!

    2. Definitely pickled radish, carrots and veggies over guacamole. I love mini wraps, too, it definitely helps control portion size. Or you can try making mini corn tortillas, they are easy to make as long as you have masa flour around.

    3. That looks like curried potato filling in a roti wrap for sure, awesome that it was vegan. That’s what I love about UK supermarkets.

    Mmmm these roasted peaches look so good…love them in coconut sugar as well!

  9. Hilarious that you can't remember what you ate!
    I am shocked that Tesco labeled something vegan! I get so mad when things like peanut butter and flour are labeled 'vegetarian'. I'm like, OF COURSE THEY ARE, but also, why is nothing marked vegan?


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