Six chocolatey vegan treats I can't get enough of

The other day, Mr Flicking the Vs came over and presented me with this little gem: It is one of my favourite things in the world: a pre...


Vegan options at Lola's cupcakes

Like you, I imagine, I love the vegan blogosphere. I love finding new recipes, tips, and generally being entertained by all the smart vegan...


A few things from my kitchen - oca tarts and artichokes

Have you had oca before? If you have, you're totally one step ahead of me. First time I heard of it, a friend's mum told me they w...


Visiting the past with a vegan gammon time machine

This is a post about nostalgia and food, and how veganism figures in all of it. A few years ago, a friend of mine and I were talking how I...

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