Three places for great vegan tea and cake in Hackney

Part of being a medical student is being moved around to new hospitals, GP practices, and other healthcare set-ups every couple of months. O...

butter beans

Sausage, squash and butter bean stew with hasselback potatoes recipe

Have I told you about so much I love having a kitchen again? I have? Well, in that case, maybe skip onto the next paragraph, because I'...


What I've been cooking now I've got a kitchen again

Have you seen there's a vegan column in The Guardian ? Every week there's a new vegan recipe. I'm a regular reader -- not only b...


Vegan in Brockley: Two vegan friendly places you need to know about

There's a saying in business that there are three kinds of service: good, fast and cheap. Unfortunately, you can never get all three. If...


Unexpected vegan delights in Dulwich

You know sometimes where you go out with the sole purpose of finding a really good vegan place to eat? You've heard good things on Twitt...

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