Pickled okra - a month well spent

It looks like a science experiment. It's not meant to be that colour. It comes in a jar bigger than your head. Ladies and gentlemen, I g...


Cookies and Scream makes me very happy

London's Camden area is a pretty vegan-friendly place. There's a Loving Hut up there, and InSpiral , a cafe whose breakfast I...

feel the food fear

Feel the food fear and do it anyway, episode 3: Kale chips

If veganism were Girl Scouts, I'm pretty sure that making kale chips would be one of those badges that everyone has - like the one for t...


Aloo gobi: my favourite curry?

Aloo gobi is one of my favourite curries. If it's on the menu at a restaurant, it's on my plate as soon as humanly possible. I norma...


Food for Friends, Brighton - restaurant review

Brighton must be one of the most veggie and vegan-friendly places in England, I reckon. Like all good Londoners, I like to head down in Brig...


Winter vegetable gratin

Yep, I'm kicking it 2008 style once again. Cast your mind back to those heady days. Katy Perry kissed a girl and liked it, Dmitry Medv...

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