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Cookies and Scream makes me very happy

London's Camden area is a pretty vegan-friendly place. There's a Loving Hut up there, and InSpiral, a cafe whose breakfast I've enjoyed before, along with a few omni places that serve up vegan food. There's one vegan place up there that I've been meaning to try for a while: Cookies and Scream.

Cookies and Scream is a little vegan and gluten free bakery tucked away in Camden Market, which sells cookies (the name was a giveaway, right?), cakes, milkshakes, coffee and all that jazz.

It's open til 6ish, but when we passed through a couple of days ago a couple of hours before closing time, it looked like people had been panic-buying vegan baked goods.

And who could blame them? These bad boys are freaking delicious.

Check this one out:

It's called a Donnie Darko, and it's a great big fat chocolate cookie with mint chocolate on top. It came as a bit of a surprise when I uploaded the picture about that Cookies and Scream is gluten free. I wouldn't have known from the Donnie Darko, with all its cakey goodness.

But, for love at first sight, feast your eyes on this gorgeous hunk of baked goods:

This is the Chewy Wookee - a brownie-like base covered in a slab-like topping of chocolate and hazelnuts. It was also large enough to be found on Google Maps, which meant that I got to whittle away at it for three days until I gave it and ate the last large hunk in one go with a bucket-sized cup of tea, thereby giving me a chocolate high that cut through a hangover of epic proportions.

I'm already planning another visit to Cookies and Scream in the very near future. Next time, I'm going to get up early and beat the other panic buyers to those sweet, sweet cookies.

Cookies and Scream 
Unit L1
Dingwalls Gallery
Camden Lock Place
0208 444 9944

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  1. Oooh that brownie looks fantastic. I love cookies and scream peanut butter brownies. Apparently they do doughnuts as well but whenever I've been they've run out :( I heard they were hoping to open a "proper" shop too...

  2. I'm going to London for a weekend at the beginning of April and staying near Camden so thanks for reminding me about this place! Will definitely have to try to check it out, perhaps with an Inspiral breakfast first!

  3. Oh man! That brownie. Geez. Isn't a sugar/chocolate crash the WORST, though? (I guess it's worth it...)

  4. Well, if I ever find myself in London again (and I sure hope I do), I know where I'm going!

  5. Wow! Both of these baked goods look amazing! Especially the Chewy Wookie, oh my! Looks like a great place to visit again. :)

  6. Well geez. The cookie and brownie both look just amazing. I think if I lived in London I would move in next door, and then go broke (and be very unhealthy).

    You mentioned that you've seen rosella cocktail syrup. What things do you mix it with? I want to have a rosella cocktail party (read: drinking and playing bananagrams) next weekend but can't find much on the google about the best mixers.

  7. Oh, that's so awesome! I love it when I find vegan bakeries!

  8. Cookies and Scream is one of those places I always mean to go but never get around to! Looks fab though.

  9. Ha! Love the names of their treats. I would love to hit up a place like that, the brownie looks incredible!


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