Hooray for food gifts, vegan enablers, and coconut bacon

I was going to call this post something about the kindness of strangers, until I worked out most people involved weren't actually stran...


Asparagus farinata, asparagus gnocchi and scary summer rolls

Hooray! Spring has finally sprung in England, and that means lots of great veggies everywhere. My favourite spring arrival is the all-too-br...


My first Ethiopian meal, courgette crisps, and the fourth known foodstuff

Some days, I just run out of cooking inspiration. Then I ask my other half what he wants to eat, and he says one of three things: Mexican, s...


Pastrami tofu, the best curry I ever made, and bouncy noodles

Three surprisingly good meals this week that all merit a mention, and nothing overly ugly to assault your eyes either! First up is my new ...


Baked goods are for winners

I may have mentioned (several times) that I moved house a while back. Compared to our last place (which was about the size of a postage stam...

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