An ode to the many joys and gloriounesses of soup

In between working, studying and doing all the rest of the stuff that you have to do to keep going - brushing your teeth, cleaning the windo...


Veggiestan, I just can't leave you alone

Is there anything more vegan than the tofu scramble? It's a dish that keeps giving: you can stick with any veggies, assault it with...

afternoon tea

Vegan afternoon tea in London - and it's a good 'un

One of the things that London's been sorely missing for a while now is a good vegan afternoon tea. I love afternoon tea . It's a g...


How to get rid of a blackberry glut: glackberry jam, gin and vinegar

A few months ago, I spent some with my other half at his mother's house. She'd crocked her leg, so we spent most of the time sitting...

crazy sexy kitchen

Best thing I've cooked in a while - vegan 'crab cakes'

Sorry for the radio silence of late - working, studying and moving house has taken its toll on my beloved cooking and blogging. Nyargh! A...

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