Sweet and crisp lemon-pine nut biscuits

This is a bit of a work in progress. Why? Quite simply, because my scales broke in the process of making this recipe (this may or may not be...


Japanese inspired tofu fritters

For anyone of a vegetarian or vegan bent in search of some interesting new ingredients, I can heartily recommend Japan Centre . It does pret...


Creamy avocado soup of deliciousness

The tastiness factor of this soup depends on the ripeness of the avocado. You pretty much want it to be on the cusp of ripeness - a little b...


Beautiful summer rolls

Last week, I was staring at a beautifully sunny, if sweaty, London - blue skies and temperatures that most Brits would associate with their ...


Summer crumble

One of the great things about summer (there are many, obviously - picnics and drinking beer outdoors are top of my list at the moment) is th...

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