Cooking from the The Vegan Boulangerie part two

A few weeks back, I spent some time cooking from The Vegan Boulangerie  and every recipe turned out a complete winner. There's somethi...


Sagar restaurant review

Another day, another chance to indulge my vegan gluttony somewhere in London. The lucky recipient this time was Sagar , a South Indian pl...


Vantra restaurant review - or I've eaten so much I'm hallucinating

My recent visit to Vantra was not only my second visit to a vegan friendly buffet restaurant this year, it was my second visit to a buffet ...


Cornish saffron cake, or making cakes rise with yeast

Having had such a run of good recipes thanks to my dalliance with The Vegan Boulangerie , this week I've been carrying on on my baki...

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