All the way from cauliflower steaks to cauliflower pizza

Things have been a little quiet on the blog, as I've been away ill. Not one of those couple-of-tissues-in-your-pocket, still-well-enoug...

food waste

Need to use up some past-their-best veggies? Here's my favourite ways to do just that

Do you ever open up your fridge, and see plastic boxes with half-forgotten odds and ends in, and a crisper drawer full of wonky veg? Then yo...


Vegan cheese face-off: Which are worth the honour of topping your crackers?

If there's anything that can convince me to let the moths out of my wallet and spend a little cash, it's a good cashew cheese. There...

money saving

The ethical shopping checklist: Five ways to shop and still be kind to the environment - and your wallet

If you're rolling your eyes at the post title, then I don't blame you. Let me start by saying this is my list, and it's what I u...


Three London vegan favourites revisited

Thanks to the end of term break, I've had a bit of free time (free time that really should be spent hitting the books, but yeah, no) whi...

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