Amico Bio

Amico Bio restaurant review

As FatGayVegan and others have noted, vegetarian restaurants are not always as vegan-friendly as you think they might be - FGV mentions The...


The leaning tower of pikelets

Do you know what a pikelet is? If you answered "a baby pike", you may well be right - I've got no idea to be honest.  ...

atsuko's kitchen

Cooking Shojin Ryori at Atsuko's Kitchen

The second cooking class of last week was another repeat visit to Atsuko's Kitchen . Having been there for a number of classes - begi...


Vegetarian Cookery School in Bath take two - Southern Indian Thali

I have been truly indulging my cooking demons - last week, I enjoyed not one but two vegan cooking courses. Recidivism was very much the...

cook book

One week cooking from Vegan Soul Kitchen

Phew! It's been a bit hard getting back into the saddle after the blog-frenzy that was VeganMoFo, but cooking is like crack, and you soo...

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