"No, really, I don't miss bacon sandwiches"

"I'll have the BLT without any B, please" This is a guest post by Mr FlickingtheVs on that most annoying of conversations...


I'd never belong to a club that would have me as a member. Apart from this one.

Update : I've just read the  Quarrygirl story about VegNews  and I'm baffled and disgusted that the company would use pictures of...


A vegan at London Fashion Week

This week, I went to London Fashion Week. Seriously. I was invited as a guest by someone who'd never met me. It was quite obviou...

broad beans

Cooking with newspaper: Nigel Slater's brown rice with mint; broad bean pea and bread salad, and roast plums

On next to that nice Nigel Slater fella in The Observer , with a couple of recipes published in the paper together:  Nigel Slater's b...


Damsons - where have you been all my life? No, really, where?

If I say damsons, what comes to mind? Not much? Nothing at all? Yep, the damson is a bit of an unknown quantity. Until recently, I'd...


Cooking with newspaper: Yotam Ottolenghi's Aubergine pahi and carrot and coconut soup

Next up in my attempt to cook or bin the huge sheaf of recipes I've stashed from newspapers and magazines was an offering from Yotam Ot...

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