Vegan in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I never realised (until we booked our holiday!) that the town of Halifax, Nova Scotia is only six hours  or so away from London. If I knew t...


Celebratory vegan bagels and donuts in Shoreditch

Medical students get examined a lot. Like a lot. While it's horrendous when you're in the middle of it, it makes good sense - after ...


Vegan in Toronto (part two): So many good vegan dinners

Our second Torontan food stop was Apiecalypse Now! , an all vegan pizzeria (if those three words aren't enough to get your juices going...


Bergamot lemon curd cake recipe

This recipe has been sitting around waiting for me to post it for a good while. I think the bergamot season is sometime in March so, yep, ...


Vegan in Toronto: So many good vegan breakfasts

The last time I posted, it was back in June, which means I've been quiet for a whole five weeks. I love spending a bit of time on my b...

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