Hot and sour mushroom chips - dehydrator recipe

Did you know that you can turn mushrooms into crisps? And also chips, because that's exactly the same thing, just in a different versio...

baked beans

Simple vegan eats for summer

A lot of my favourite meals of late have been picnics out in our local park: sandwiches with Nutcrafter frawmage and salad, crackers and hum...


Eating vegan in Piran and Portoroz, Slovenia

If you're opening this post hoping to be wowed by all the various vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes in Piran and Portoroz, then I'...


Chipotle lentil seitan loaf recipe

Personal question - how are you with seitan? Me and the seitan, I always feel like we should have a proper thing going on by now, but w...

ice cream

Eating vegan in Ljubjlana, Slovenia

Loving Huts are a bit like getting socks under the tree at Christmas: there might be anticipation before you know what you're going to g...


Random holiday eats, and an all purpose spicy sauce recipe

Summer says: think about holidays. My wallet says: are you having a laugh? Summer says: go on, you'd like to get on a plane and go some...

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