Happy Hallowe'en pizza

First up, happy Hallowe'en! Second up, can you guess what these spooky things are? Yep, that's right, blue pancakes! BLUE! I ...

borough market

Lunches in and out - Itsu, Leon, Gujarati Rasoi

Lunch for me is normally leftovers - cheap, cheerful, and usually better than the vegan options I can lay my hands on near the office. (What...

jerusalem artichokes

Squaring up to autumn with soda bread and a scary pumpkin

I guess autumn has properly arrived over here. The long days where the sun would slant lazily over the horizon are gone, replaced by sheets ...


I hope you like jamming too

I have a confession to make, and I have a terrible fear you're going to think less of me because of it. But I know you're a forgiv...


A food holiday in Cuba

So, I've been set free from exam hell. I'm free to run into my kitchen and go mad, get out the pots and pans, and go wild. What do I...

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