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Happy Hallowe'en pizza

First up, happy Hallowe'en!

Second up, can you guess what these spooky things are?

Yep, that's right, blue pancakes! BLUE! I got a new crepe pan not so long ago, and this was my first time doing a bit of pancake magic.

In honour of Hallowe'en, I made them with purple carrots grated inside. What's Hallowe'eny about those? Purple carrots are sold under the name witches' noses in the local supermarket - sweet huh? For extra bonus Hallowe'en points, I stuffed it with pumpkin (and tomato, chard and sunflower seeds, but that's not Hallowe'en themed). For extra bonus super Hallowe'en points, I made a pumpkin sauce to go on top and baked the whole lot in the oven.

The sauce was made with pureed roasted pumpkin, miso, lemon juice, stock, soy milk, mustard, sage, and nooch, all mixed together. It was really good! Only it looked like something that had come out of the wrong end of a dog, so there's no picture. Seriously, I couldn't bring myself to post it. You'd have been really sad with me.

Still, I've been making the odd concession to deliciousness that doesn't involve making dog sick food.

Inspired by Maud on Food Feud, I decided I needed pumpkin beer (complete with Hallowe'en cup)

Also, I discovered these little guys at Marks and Spencer. They're not labelled as vegan, but there's nothing non-vegan in them that I can see. They're rather cute.

But what's cooler than all these things is - jack o' lantern pizza! In honour of Hallowe'en, I decided to make some festival-appropriate pizza. Alright, I don't think I'm going to be getting a job as a pumpkin artist any time soon, but you can see the idea I was going for.

There's no pumpkin in it either - Mr Flicking the Vs had a craving for Hawaiian, so there's some Vbites vegan ham slices and pineapple there, all buried under a mound of cashew queso. It's a his and hers pizza - the other half is mushroom and tomato for me.

And what's best about this pizza is that there's still a slice of it left for breakfast. It's just another reason to love Hallowe'en!

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  1. I love the look of those veggie pumpkin sweets! And purple carrots turned into blue pancakes gets a huge tick of approval from me :) It sounds like a lot of fun in your kitchen.

  2. What a fun Halloween! Love the blue pancakes! From the color, I thought it might have been blueberries. Interesting that it's actually purple carrots. :-)

  3. ha ha - your Halloween pizza is awesome! And the blue pancakes are amazing. What fun!

  4. Hope you had a very Happy Halloween! I'm seriously loving the sound of your super festive and spooky crepes, even if they didn't turn out so beautiful. I can imagine the flavors perfectly fine without a visual aid and I'm all about it.

  5. The pancakes sound amazing! And I'm impressed at leftover pizza for breakfast. Sadly that never seems to happen in my house, unless I make two!

  6. Wow, those crepes sound good! Hope you had a good Halloween!

    Is the crepe maker worth it? (Do the crepes turn out better than in a normal frying pan?)

  7. your halloween goodies looks like such fun - I am always a sucker for anything colourful, funny and with pumpkin so these tick all my boxes - I am bookmarking that pizza for next year - and I just love how your purple carrots were called witches noses - vegetables sound better when having fun names

  8. I think I commented on this post few weeks ago :( can’t believe my comment didn’t go through! What a brilliant way to celebrate Halloween - these blue pancakes look amazing! If you come to Oregon, you will see loads of pumpkin ales ;) there was one I want to try - salted caramel & chocolate stout! I love Marks and Spencer candies, they have very yummy candies! And that pizza…is SUPER CUTE!


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