The vegan guide to Camden and Camden Market

Camden Market really has been upping its vegan food game since the opening of Kerb , a collection of street food stalls in the centre of t...


A recipe for vegan Vietnamese mock duck curry

You know that local place you go to? The one that's near your house, and it's not super fancy, but you've been there a million t...

baked beans

Canned vegan baked beans and sausages: Has-beans or heaven in a tin?

I survived the first term of this year, made it through the exams (I'm as surprised as you are by that one), and I'm ploughing throu...

brussels sprouts

Love your brussels: A recipe for sprout sushi rolls

As far as I work out, there are two attitudes when it comes to brussels sprouts. The first attitude is that of the sprout dodger: they s...


A few last eats and new London vegan feeds

As it's a new year and a fresh start and all that jazz, I thought I'd write a little something to clean out all those photos I'v...


Happy vegan new year: A tale of two lasagnes

Happy New Year! After a period away from my beloved blog and the changing of the calendar, I guess I've been thinking about all things v...

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