The vegan guide to Camden and Camden Market

Camden Market really has been upping its vegan food game since the opening of Kerb, a collection of street food stalls in the centre of the place. 

I first went to Camden market more years ago then I care to think about, where it was a place to hang out among goths and punks, buy a band T shirt and see how many people would try and sell you weed. While most of the youthful rebelliuos air has gone, except in the few stalls selling leather bracelets and other emoware, Camden's popularity hasn't waned. Instead of sullen suburban kids up for a sniff of big city two-fingers-to-the-world attitude, nowadays tourists hungry for a good feed make up most of the visitors.

So what does the market have to offer vegans?

There's one all vegan stall that's worth checking out: Club Mexicana, which sells some of the best vegan Mexican you're likely to stuff in your head in the capital. Dishes like jackfruit burritos or battered to-fish tacos will set you back in the region of £7. Another omni Mexican stall, Luardos, has a vegan option, but as long as Club Mexicana is still selling its goodness, you'd be made to go anywhere else.

Happily, it's not the only all-vegan stall in Camden: Magic Falafel in the Stables part of the market is there for all your vegan falafel needs. If you're into falafel double dipping, Nazari in the Kerb part of the market, while omni, does offer vegan options.

The one herbivore stall that I find myself visiting more than any other it's Cookies and Scream. Cookies and Scream is a temple to all things sweet, wonderful and vegan. From ice cream to shakes, donuts to brownies (and cookies, naturally!) Cookies and Scream is the answer to all your sugar fever dreams and if you're a vegan and in the Camden area, you need to get yourself down there with all haste.

But it's not just vegan stalls dishing out vegan eats: there are now happily quite a few omni or veggie joints offering vegan options:
  • Maize Blaize has particularly tempting vegan Colombian food
  • Indian curry stall Sonita's veggie option is also vegan and sounded appealing on our visit
  • If you're in the mood for Indonesian, Makatcha can sort your out with a vegan rendang - what's not to love?
  • Chin Chin Labs always has a vegan ice cream choice - fancy!
The only downside with Camden market's rather lovely selection of street food is, well, you have to eat it in the street - there's no seating so you can hunker down and scoff in peace. If you want to take a load off though, you can have a cup of tea and cake in the Camden Market branch of Yumchaa, a small tea chain with a handful of branches across London.

When me and Mr Flicking the Vs stopped in recently on a cold Saturday, we were able to fill up on matcha and a slice of banana and chocolate loaf. If you just want a plain old cup of builders' tea, there are vegan options for that too - they offer soy and almond milk for your brew.

Another option with seating is the Camden Market branch of Voodoo Rays, an omni chain that always has at least one vegan choice (the 

If you're looking further afield, there are a number of decent vegan and vegan friendly options outside the market that don't involve moving too far.

MyVillage is a veggie cafe about five minutes up the road from the market towards Chalk Farm. It's got a number of vegan options, including the MyVillage meal below, or a hummus, falafel and salad combo. There are some nice drink options too - treat yourself to a fresh mint, ginger, and lemon tea.

Also within a few minutes of the market are a branch of sushi chain Itsu, which does a reasonable number of vegan dishes, or a Holland and Barrett if you're in the mood for a vegan pasty or sausage roll.

Just across the road from the market is Campbell's Canal Cafe, formerly Inspiral. I've not been in since it changed hands a while back, so I've no idea what the food's like, but it's all vegan (cow milk in the coffee though.)

Any good vegan finds I've missed in Camden? Let me know!

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  1. Mildred's is the other main veggie option in Camden - love that branch - and all vegan Manna only a 10 min walk away in Primrose Hill - the sticky toffee pudding there is something else!

  2. So many fantastic options.

    The last time I went to Camden was my first time in 2009.
    I don't recall many vegan or veggie places but for the HaHa Veggie Bar, so pleased to see there are so many new options, i've heard of maize Blaze and would love to try the cuisine.
    And now would I want to go to H&B for a veg pastry or sausage roll when you have so many vegan options at the Kerb. I do want to try Cookies and Scream too. Maybe this year we will make it there again.

  3. It's been a long, long time since I've been to London, and I can see the options for vegans have made a massive leap. It's amazing how many places are all-vegan, or vegetarian with vegan options. And the food looks so good!

  4. I haven't been to Camden in ages and sadly it's not very easy to get to with a pram these days...but if and when the day comes, I will have so many food choices!

  5. It's on my list for my next visit to England! Yay!

  6. ou're really making me want to visit London now! The Mexican place sounds delicious! I've been to Camden Market once and there was so much choice, I loved it. We had some Ethiopian food, and dessert at Cookies and Scream. I think we might also have popped into MyVillage for a tea!

  7. Wow! looks and sounds like vegan paradise. :-)

  8. what was the price of of the Falafels from magic Falafel?


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