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Choc and berry bread pudding

You buy a loaf of bread. You use most of it. There's a couple of stale-ish slices leftover, so you chuck them in the freezer.

You ignore them for a while.

You leave them for a bit, then next thing you know, you look and it's like Gremlins in there - the buggers have been breeding while you've had your back turned. Suddenly there's a whole loaf in your freezer, looking at you accusingly.

It's not those unloved slices of bread's fault - they're just waiting for you to wake up and remember why you stashed them away.

Sure, you could turn them into breadcrumbs and use them up piecemeal on a bake or two. But they deserve more than that. They deserve to be made into bread pudding.

They deserve to made into this bread pudding.

Choc and berry bread pudding


One pot of Alpro soy chocolate dessert
Three level dessertspoons of cocoa powder
1 and a half oz sugar
150ml vanilla soy milk (or other non-dairy milk)
Two tablespoons of soy cream (or other non-dairy cream)
6oz of bread, wholemeal or white, in small pieces
Grating of nutmeg (optional)
10z macadamia nuts, chopped into pieces
4oz dried red berries

How you do it

Beat together the Alpro chocolate dessert, sugar and cocoa until well combined.

Add the cream and milk and beat once more til combined.

Drop in the bread and nutmeg, and allow it to soak for a bit - say half an hour. You can watch Eastenders or something.

Stir in the nuts and berries, and pour into a greased loaf tin.

Pour into the loaf tin, level the top and cook in a 175 degree oven for 45 minutes. A knife/skewer/cocktail stick/whatever inserted into the cake won't come out clean, as the middle of the cake is quite moist, but nor should it come out wet. The bread pudding should feel springy and firm when pressed.

Serve warm with vegan cream, custard, or ice cream, or serve cold out of your bag at work.

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