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Brighton finds: A review of Iydea and Boho Gelato

I love going to Brighton – it's full of quirky shops, nice pubs, it's by the sea, and there's a fair few vegan eateries there.

And let's not pretend, that's swings it for me – if I'm travelling for an hour on the train, I need to know there's a good feed at the end of it.

One place I've walked past a million times but never been in to for a proper meal is Iydea. There are two of them in Brighton – a takeaway type place with a few seats, and a larger one spread over two floors with plenty of tables and sunny yellow decor (that's it above!)

Not everything they sell is vegan, but most of it is, and the vegan options are imaginative and well done. Lovely!

Here's how it works: you pick your main, you pick two sides, then you get a couple of toppings, and it's all one price. When we went there a few weeks back, about half the main options were vegan, but it was the lasagne that was calling out to me. I love lasagne, but I'm far too lazy to make it often at home. Handily, Iydea was there for me with an excellent example of the species! I salute you, Iydea, for a bang up lasagne job.

Ditto coleslaw – I just can never make a good fist of it, so at home, I don't bother. Luckily for me, Iydea does. For my other side, some new potatoes, and for toppings, some salsa and (I think) hummus.

You can't keep a good sugar fiend down, so a couple of hours later, I was ready for that dessert.
Thanks to Vegan In Brighton, there was only one place I wanted to go: Boho Gelato.

Again, Boho Gelato isn't all vegan, but it makes a good fist of catering to the plant-based eater.
It's an ice cream place with a huge amount of flavours – when I popped in, six were vegan although sadly they weren't obviously marked as such, though the server was happy to talk me through them.

I chose one scoop of Violet Chocolate and one of peanut Peanut Butter Sea Salt Caramel Sorbet.

The first was like eating particularly floral and dark turkish delight, and the peanut butter was the creamy wonder you'd hope. It was some of the best ice cream I've had in my life, and I can't wait to go back and try the rest of the vegan flavours!

105 Western Road
01273 965904

Boho Gelato
6 Pool Valley
01273 727205

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  1. How have I not been to Brighton?! Really need to make a weekend of it and eat all the food! Love those meals where you get a bunch of different stuff on your plate.

  2. You and Jojo make me super envious of all the awesome eats in Brighton. That gelato, gah! I can't even!

  3. Just the fact that there's actual vegan choices is a total win for me. And the food looks awesome! :-)

  4. SO jealous that they had the pb caramel sea salt shenanigans for you! I've never been able to catch it and I want it sooo badly. And though I've been to Brighton a bunch, I've never eaten at Lydea. Next time!

  5. Thanks for an awesome post on Brighton! We would love to go there, just one day, hopefully! I love lasagna, too, and the ditto coleslaw looks pretty tasty!

  6. You always find the best vegan restaurants!

  7. Oh man that gelato looks delicious! Super creamy.

  8. This is the first time I've ever heard/read the colloquialism "make a good fist." I always love learning more of those!

    Brighton is on my list of places I want to visit the next time I'm in England. We were hoping to get there on our last trip, but it didn't happen. I agree that I'm much more inclined to travel to a place when there's a delicious vegan meal at the other end.

  9. I am sure Brighton would agree with me. But isn't it too chilly for gelato? Brrrrrrr.

    Wait. PBSC? I will eat that in the Arctic. Salt + sweet = perfection.

  10. Brighton was one of the places I wished I had been when I lived in london - never got there but maybe there will be a trip down the south of the UK in the future where I can make amends - the food all sounds fantastic

  11. If I were anywhere near Brighton I'd be heading to the two places you just reviewed. Violet chocolate for me, please.

  12. I'm so bummed that I never made it out to Brighton when I visited the UK last year! I keep hearing about all these awesome vegan eateries, and it seems like it would warrant a full trip all by itself. Guess I just found my excuse to go back...


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