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Testing out a new treat delivery service, Vegan Tuck Box

A few months ago, it seemed like every vegan blogger I follow has been posting about having got a Vegan Cuts box and all the lovely and fun things within. A selection of vegan treats dropping through your letterbox every month - what's not to love?

Every time I read one of those posts, I thought, 'huh, it's such a shame that we'll never get anything like that in England, they look awesome'.

Happily, a new service using the Vegan Cuts model has started up ON THIS SIDE OF THE ATLANTIC. It's one of the few times in life I was overjoyed to be proved wrong!

The company's called Vegan Tuck Box and, in return for £22 for a single box or £20 per box if you take out a yearly subscription, you get 10 different fun vegan bits and bobs boxed up and mailed to you.

After reading a couple of bloggers – the great Fat Gay Vegan and Caitlin at the Vegan Word – posting about Vegan Tuck Box, I felt duty bound to give it a go myself. Yes, I'm a selfless soul like that.

I think I got sent the same selection of fun-ness as both Fat Gay Vegan:
  • Peppersmith lemon and mint chewing gum
  • Primal vegan jerky
  • Goody Good sour cola bottles
  • Raw Bite spicy lime bar
  • Freedom Mallows strawberry marshmallows
  • Dame Blanche biscuit
  • Lizi's granola
  • Moo Free bunnycomb bar
  • Vego hazelnut chocolate bar
  • Biona hazelnut siroopwaffles
I haven't managed to work my way through the whole box (much to my surprise, given the viciousness of my sweet tooth). That said, I've really liked everything I have eaten, even things I've previously trashed talked: the Primal jerky I tried out was actually quite nice, the sour cola bottles were sour turned up to 11, but strangely satisfying for all that, and granola was also way better than I expected.

The only thing that hasn't quite lived up to expectations, oddly, is the chewing gum, which loses its pleasant lemon flavour all too quickly.  But the plant, not chemical, based gum and the little papers included in the pack for disposing of your chewed-out gum would mean that, if I was in the market for some jaw workout, I'd definitely give Peppersmith another go.

Tough call, but the highlight for me was the Vego chocolate bar: thick enough to stop a bullet and delicious with it, it was a proper treat.

The Vegan Tuck Box definitely surpassed my expectations (which were pretty high to start with!) plus anything that means you get fun in the mail merits an extra tick for awesomeness, so while I can't see myself taking out a full subscription, I can imagine every so often, you'll be able to hear the sound of a Vegan Tuck Box landing on my doormat.

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  1. You guys get some great stuff! I really like Vegan Cuts but I don't always like everything they throw in there, but I guess you can't please everybody. That Vego bar sounds soooo goood, I would love to have that box waiting for me on my step!

  2. How fun! This looks like a good mail day indeed! What changed your mind about this particular pack of Primal Strips? Do you think it was specific to the Texas BBQ flavor? I tried one of the flavors once, and I thought it was really gross. I couldn't finish it. That surprised me since I tend to be a fan of seitan and jerky.

  3. Ah, so awesome! I wish I could get in on this bundle of fun, too. So many crazy treats that I would have never guessed would be vegan, especially those marshmallows(!)

    I can only dream that one day they'll ship overseas.

  4. It's nice to see the vegan goodies in a box idea pop up over there too. I probably wouldn't get a subscription for myself either but I can see getting or giving a box as a gift.

  5. Can I just say how jealous I am that ya'll have access to Moo Free?? All I want for Christmas is a vegan advent calendar.

  6. Lucky you! Looks pretty similar to the Vegan Cuts boxes I've seen here, although for some reason European stuff always looks more interesting. It must be the packaging.
    Not a fan of chewing gum, ever, really but I could get down with most of that stuff.

  7. Ooh, I keep seeing that Vego bar on blogs and everyone saying how good it is. Hope we can get them in Manchester soon.

  8. haha what an awesome idea! now we def won't get something happening like that in Australia ;-) lol


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