The Vgang box from The Vegan Kind and Ethics & Antics: What your letterbox was made for

When you were a kid, what did you think would be the best bit of being an adult? For me, it was the post.

I never got any post when I was a child, birthday cards aside. Maybe the odd letter from a penpal made at Brownie camp or something similar. But adults? Yeah, those lucky folk, they got post all the time - they always had letters arriving, and stuff to open, and cards, and parcels, and all that fun stuff. I wanted to be an adult, because adults got post.

Now I'm an adult, I get post too. And I know all those exciting letters my mum and dad got, they were probably bills, or letters from the council, or some other dull crap. So, if there's one thing that makes me really happy, it's an exciting postal delivery.

That's why I love the mini-boom in vegan subscription boxes - the sort of delivery that makes your letterbox happy.

The Vegan Kind have been knocking out cracking monthly subscription boxes for a while, and recently teamed up with clothing company Ethics & Antics for the one-off Vgang box.

I can't take a decent flatlay picture to save my life, but here's a look at the contents:

And the Vgang box, my lovely readers, is why I love post: in one biggish shoebox, you get all sorts of treats.

First, the unexpected ones: a rather beautiful piece of amethyst. I think amethyst is a beautiful stone - I can't find the card that came with the box that tells you the jewellery company behind the inclusion of this pretty gem, but I love their work.

Food-wise, there were plenty of fun things I'd never seen before in the Vgang box. Case in point: King CookDaily's High Grade sauce. How cool is that? Sauce from King CookDaily, the man behind CookDaily and Home, two great vegan places to eat in Shoreditch. High Grade sauce is on the menu at CookDaily, and now it's on the menu at my house too. First use: marinated tofu.

Another new discovery: Revolution Foods' protein powder. I've never bought any protein powder before because, you know, I know where I get my protein from and I'm not running short. But I love the mild chocolately taste of the Revolution powder, so I've been adding it to my porridge. I'm also planning to see if I can make some protein pancakes with it!

I'm also loving The Happy Pear Tiffin Bar. The Happy Pear are the happiest, friendlist people on Twitter, so I'm pleased to finally get to try their food. The tiffin bar was fab - anyone know where I can get their stuff in London?

Along with all the 'woo, never seen that before' stuff, there's also a number of old favourites in the Vgang box. I buy Eat Real's sour cream and chive quinoa chips all the time, because they are one of the best vegan snacks out there, and I donated the Vego (another firm favourite) to Mr Flicking the Vs. Put it this way: that poor bar didn't see sunrise after it met him.

That's just a few of the new and old favourites that I found in the Vgang box. I've still got some of the fun treats left - I'm hanging onto the YumEarth lollipops and Ombar chocolate for the revision marathon ahead!

And that's why I love post - especially when it's a vegan subscription box. When it's the right post, just one parcel dropping through the letterbox can really brighten your day. Better yet, if you're lucky, it can really brighten your week.

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  1. Now, that's the kind of mail worth getting. So many great products! and such a cute shipping box too. :-)

  2. I can't believe you donated the Vego! Must be true love ;) More seriously, this box looks great - full of favourites to me too (similar to yours) and interesting products I haven't seen before. Definitely better than coming home to bills...

  3. Well, that beats most of the posts I get. It's been quite a while since I signed up for a box of treats — I like that you only had to get one. Monthly is a bit much for me, but just one would be perfect!


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