All that stands between me and scurvy...

Despite not having as much time for my beloved blog as I'd like - for reasons I've been banging on about for a long time now - I have still been trying to eat as healthily as I can, despite having little time and energy to do much more than make a sandwich.

For not that much more time than making a sandwich takes, I can make a bowl of miso soup with all sorts of veggies and some rehydrated tofu on top. I love dehydrated tofu, found in my local Japanese supermarket in a box of five for not that much quid.  Just pop it in your miso soup for a couple of minutes and voila - flavourful tofu without the need for pressing or even keeping it in the fridge. If I was the parent of a veggie student, I'd be packing them off with loads of boxes of the stuff.

There's also some seaweed salad there - which I mistakenly tried to rehydrate in sake rather than water. Hot tip: don't do it. Bleurgh. A bit of sake in your rehydrating water: nice. No water in your rehydrating water: gruesome.

The other thing keeping me going is these seeds - pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pan roasted with a bit of oil and whichever spice mixture from Afro-Vegan I'm loving at the moment.  (These also make a good snack for six-food elimination dieters). Mr Flicking the Vs has perfected the art of making these, and always sets aside a small chunk of them for me!

Recent discoveries in the shops - another Planet Organic find in the shape of this mini vegan bundt cake. (Don't worry, this isn't one of the £6 desserts they sell - this one is more in the way of the pocket money prices.)

It's really dense to eat, and what I thought was the fudgy middle turned out to be just undercooked batter, but I can't say I didn't enjoy it. It's really chocolaty and the sort of thing you'll want to sit down with two cups of tea and scarf down.

When I cook noodles, I tend to use mostly Japanese or Thai types - I associate Chinese ones with egg, so I never think to pick them up. Last time I was in my local Sainburys, I found some egg-free chow mein ones and smuggled them home for some noodley gluttony.

All I managed to do with them was cook with some pumpkin seeds, soy sauce, and cime de rapa. Yep, cime de rapa may not be the obvious match for noodles, but trust me, it definitely works. After all, didn't the Italians pick up pasta from the Chinese's noodles? Hopefully they won't mind me sharing a little something back!

The Jerusalem artichoke season is almost on the way out, much to my chagrin - I'd much rather have them than plain old potatoes in most dishes. Roast them with a little oil, and I'm a happy bunny. That's just what I've did here, with a Taifun pizza filet, and some red cabbage slaw. I don't think I've perfected the art of red cabbage slaw (leave in red wine vinegar for a few hours, then add mayonnaise is about all I've managed recently). All tips gratefully received - at the minute, slaw is all that's standing between me and scurvy...


  1. I'd say you're doing very well — your quick meals all look delicious and scurvy-proof. I've been making shredded cabbage salad lately with a mix of green and red cabbage, and a lot of green onions. I made a dressing of a small amount of grainy mustard, olive oil, rice vinegar, pinch of sugar, and a nice amount of finely shredded ginger root. It tasted great.

  2. Sandwiches interspersed with this food sounds like much better food than a lot of us eat. I have been trying to eat well since getting home from our trip and it does feel so much better. I am jealous that you have someone to make you roasted seasoned seeds - I love the idea but just don't think to do them. I also love the noodles and chocolate cake and need more miso in my life but I still find jerusalem artichokes a mystery. One day....

  3. aaah, so much yum! First of all, I've never even heard of dehydrated tofu. How neat! We don't have any Japanese markets nearby, but I'm going to lodge this in my memory bank for another time. Also, seeing that Taifun patty makes me miss my Euro natural foods shopping expeditions! And high fives - fella sunchoke fan! I love them so much.

  4. You are definitely doing well I think, even with low energy for cooking! I've been in a similar boat recently; I got a bad B12 deficiency last summer and it knocked me out for more than 6 months. After a course of injections I'm back to normal levels now and trying to feed my body some good stuff in-between all the marmite on toast and violife sandwiches..... I've been throwing seeds on eeeeverything. Dehydrated tofu sounds amazing too, I'm gonna look in my local chinese supermarket for sure.

  5. Looks like you're doing pretty well in spite of being so busy - you've been trying quite a few new (and delicious looking) things! :)

  6. Like everyone else, I think your 'non cooking' looks pretty impressive! I've also never heard of dehydrated tofu, that's definitely something to look into.

  7. It looks like you're doing well with time-short food preparation! Those noodles look especially delicious.

  8. Everything looks so good! I've never seen dehydrated tofu, but it does sound very useful.
    The noodles sound fantastic too. I love noodles + greens with soy sauce, the pumpkin seeds are also a nice touch.
    Good to see the red cabbage slaw - I've some in the fridge now and have been holding off on using it, but I should change that soon.

  9. Pretty fancy for low-level energy cooking! Didn't know you could get full packages of dehydrated tofu, I've only ever seen tiny cubes of them in those just-add-boiling-water noodle cups.

  10. Wow, dehydrated tofu sounds amazing. I'm going to definitely have to try to hunt some of that down. Your two cups of tea comments made me laugh, that's me when I have chips from the chippy!


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