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A recipe for chocolate and honeycomb cookies

Sometimes, cooking has a bit too much in common with archaeology for my liking.

I was scouting around in my cupboards for some dried fruit, and instead I uncovered a bag of honeycomb that had passed its best before date six months ago. I mainly view best before dates as a challenge, rather than guidance, so I decided not to be put off eating the stuff. While honeycomb that's six months gone isn't really going to make you sick, it's clearly not at peak tastiness - it had gone a bit soft, and lost its characteristic crunchy magic. Instead of snapping under your teeth, it bent. Not ideal, but I'm not one to leave candy behind. Not on my watch, oh no.

My inspiration for these cookies was the Crunchie bar (or the Violet Crumble if you're Aussie), a block of honeycomb wrapped in chocolate. Given the chocolate's milky, I haven't eaten it for a good number of years. So, when I saw a bag of honeycomb - a nude Crunchie bar, if you will - I bought it and smuggled it home to use in a very special recipe. I squirreled it away, waiting for the inspiration, and then forgot it, leaving the poor lonely bag abandoned for quite possibly a year.

Having unearthed it, I made these cookies with it.

(In case you're about to say, 'hold on, honeycomb? Has this got honey in it? You monster, I thought you were vegan!', fear not - honeycomb is just basically sugar and bicarbonate of soda. No bees were harmed in the making of this recipe.)

Chocolate and honeycomb cookies
Makes around 12
55g vegan margarine
55g caster sugar
215g self raising flour
2tbsps non dairy milk (I used vanilla rice milk)
40g vegan chocolate chips or bar cut into chunks
50g honeycomb, in small chunks

How you do it
Preheat your oven to 190C
Cream the marge and sugar until fluffy
Add the flour and mix until you have breadcrumb like stuff
Stir in the chocolate chips and milk
Mix until you have a dough
Grease a baking tray, take walnut sized pieces and place them with a little space between them.
Cook for 15 minutes
Remove the cookies from the oven, and place some of the chunks of honeycomb on top of all of the biscuits
Put back in the oven for two minutes
Remove from oven, and scoff.

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  1. I'm going to assume honeycomb is a British thing; I've never heard of it except for the bee-derived variety. Sugar and baking soda? Interesting. I'll have to keep my eyes open for what might be the equivalent.

  2. I'm guessing honeycomb is some sort of candy. Can't ever go wrong with candy baked into cookies. :-)

  3. Good retrieval of the honeycomb! I must say that whenever I've tried to use it in cakes it always goes soft anyway. I like the idea of being a topping for cookies.

  4. Naked crunchie bar, made me chuckle. I always laugh when people say things like oi its called honeycomb its got honey in it, similar to ginger beer, got beer in it and the worst ever Peanut Butter - got butter in it. please stop. I love these, I used t make a vegan chocolate cake with chard of honeycomb running through it when I ran a veg cafe. Its been a while since I made it you've prompted me to make it again some time soon. PS You need to check out my vegan Jaffa cake I think you will like it.

  5. these are my sort of bikkies - being a violet crumble girl from way back - and yay for tranforming out of date honeycomb into amazing bikkies

  6. I used to love honeycomb! I actually stopped eating it years ago because I assumed it wasn't vegan, and legit did no research to back that up. Whoops! Thank you for opening my eyes :)

  7. I love that honeycomb is vegan - it was one of those "wow, really!" discoveries when I realised. Your biscuits look delicious.


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