You can't spell 'warm potato salad' without meh

Are you sick of my smug New Year's resolution keeping yet? Well, let me help you with that. I've kicked that resolution-keeping thing in the groin again by cooking a recipe that's been in my recipe folder since... er.... since last January.

Yep, I've had a recipe for warm potato salad with caper vinaigrette to hand for about a year, and still didn't manage to cook it. Well, enough of that nonsense. I finally got around to cooking it all up, and here's what it looked like:

Looking at the weird greeny-yellowy tinge that the dish had, I'd forgive you for thinking 'no wonder she didn't want to cook it. Looks radioactive'. Well, it didn't look like that in reality - it's just that my camera likes to give everything jaundice somedays. Bad camera.

But, looks aside, how was it? It was fine. Non-offensive. OK. Surprisingly mediocre, in fact, which is odd given how much I like all the ingredients - capers, lemon, parsley, shallots and spuds. Next time I wait a year to make something, I hope there's a better pay-off than this!

(If you want to rustle up this plate of averageness, the recipe can be found online here, but beware, it shares a page with a steak tartare recipe...)

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  1. That's too bad that the potato salad was so underwhelming. Looking at the ingredients, it sounds like it would be pretty good. Still, at least you can toss it from your recipes folder. Along the lines of your recipe folder challenge, this year I'm trying to challenge myself to use the random ingredients in my cupboard that I bought and never used or only used once. After I use them up, I can free the space for new random ingredients! ;)

  2. Ha! I love the title of the post. Sounds like you'll never be a good used car salesperson but surely you can rustle up some better grub than this. Too bad, though. Caper vinaigrette sounds awesome.

  3. Potato salad is tricky business. I've not always been impressed with myself, but I bet yours was alright! :) My camera also likes to give foods / places / people a jaundice hue. Ha ha!

  4. Ha ha ha, I know the ways of the jaundice-giving cameras. And yeah, waiting a year to make a recipe adds a lot of expectations, and I agree, given the awesomeness of the ingredients it seems like it should've been amazing!

  5. It sure looks and sounds better than meh, but you would be the best judge of that. One more recipe to tick off the list.

  6. I’ve got way to many recipes I’ve bookmarked and have intended to make….1 or 2 years later and I’ve still done nothing. On the bright side at least you know that the weird green, not-so-great-tasting salad can be chucked and replaced with something alittle less radioactive looking. Kudos on sticking with the resolution!

  7. Too bad the taste didn't match up with how great it looks.


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