Chocolate snowballs in the snow

From the end of last week to the start of this one, there's been snow in England. Even in London, a few inches of white stuff was clinging to the streets.

So icy and grim outside was it that we got a snow day from work. What do you do with a bit of spare time away from the office? Cook, of course. 

I turned to my recipe folder for some inspiration. Given the weather, I decided it was high time to make some chocolate snowballs, the recipe for which has been lingering unmade in my house for a frankly daft amount of time.  Here's the little blighters in their natural environment:

It's not vegan, but I veganised it by using soy milk for the milk, Pure vegan margarine for the butter, and Alpro vanilla dessert as a replacement for the egg. If you fancy making some of your own, the recipe's over at Delicious, here

According to the recipe online, a full measure would make 50 biscuits - I only made half measures, and it still churned out a huge barrel-load of biscuits. The biscuits were so good, with a crisp crust and a squidy middle - like a chocolately macaroon. 

One disclaimer: the dough needs to sit overnight, so you can't whip up a batch in minutes. But, when there's snow coming down and there's no hope of getting outside for days, it's quite easy to make up the dough and wait for it to do its thing for a few hours. 

According to the recipe online, these biscuits will last a week if you keep them in a tin for a week. A little ambitious I feel - I think I ate about six in the first hour after I made them...

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  1. Oh, they're so pretty! These chocolate snowballs would definitely go a long way towards making me feel better about actual snow!

  2. Oh my! These look fantastic, Joey! I will definitely check out the recipe. In the meantime, stay warm!

  3. Oh yeah, snow, forgot about that stuff. Ha ha. :) Apparently my car is literally buried in a snow bank right now, can't even see it. Those look absolutely beautiful - I've never made crackly cookies like that (unless snickerdoodles count). For some reason they seem intimidating!

  4. You get snow days?! Oh man I miss those, we don’t really get snow here, just crazy frigid cold. Those cookies look really tasty, and ever so purdy, they’d make awesome gifts. Although I don’t see myself being willing to part with them.


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