What I ate in a birthday

I don't know about you, but being a nosy sod, I love reading those 'what I ate in a day' posts. It's interesting to read what people eat on an average day, and I think it's kind of handy to show new or would-be vegans that we eat normal, everyday food, and we're not all clean eating quinoa and alkalised nut smoothie or haute-cuisine-cooking, food super-styling lifestyle mavens. But mainly, yeah, I'm just nosy.

Not so long ago, I added another year to my age - so rather than show you what I eat in a day, I'm going to show you what I eat in a birthday!

I eat porridge for breakfast every single day, and my birthday was no exception. Only, because it was a special day, I thought I'd try and special-up my brekkie too!

I'm not sure I succeeded in making it look pretty really, but I did amp up my topping my game - there's peanut butter, vegan chocolate spread, and homemade bergamot lemon marmalade.

I also decided to make a recipe from a book I'd been given as a present for my birthday: Bowls of Goodness. The book is veggie and vegan, and every non-vegan dish has a vegan substitution (you might wonder why not make the book entirely vegan in that case, and I'd have to agree with you). I decided to make the Stockholm Scramble, having happily discovered I had pretty much all the ingredients in my kitchen (even the suggested-but-optional addition of furikake, which I had in the cupboard after making up a batch roughly a million years ago - how's that for serendipity?!)

I wasn't expecting much from the tofu scramble - I thought the ingredient list seemed far too simple to deliver anything impressive. I was wrong. It seems like getting older doesn't mean I'm getting any wiser - I still can't spot a decent recipe when I see one. There wasn't much to it - tofu, dill, spring onions, garlic, that sort of thing - but for such a simple dish, it was punching above its weight on taste. This is one scramble that's definitely going into my regular rotation. I'm looking forward to trying out more recipes from the book too.

I kept lunch light as I knew I'd be going out for dinner, but I couldn't resist one of these dainty pots of Booja Booja ice cream.

While I view Booja Booja chocolates as pretty much the best out there, after a run-in some years ago with their vanilla ice cream left me underwhelmed, I'd never ventured to give their other frozen goodies a try. Again, more fool me. I decided to try out the raspberry ripple flavour and, post-birthday, the caramel pecan. Both are fab, though their not-cheap price tag means I'll be filing these under 'things I buy after another round of medical exams has reduced me to a quivering mess' or 'things I buy when I'm feeling flush'. Needless to say, the first of the two tends to get invoked more often than the second.

As it was my birthday, Mr Flicking the Vs treated me to a round of mini golf, which I love more than most members of my family. No idea why, but a chance to hit a ball around some dinky, ridiculously crafted holes fills me with joy. (Actual golf? I'd rather eat my own sick than watch or play it. Just the tiny kind for me please.)

After a hard-fought round of mini golf (which he won - harrumph!), we headed up to Camden for dinner at Mildred's.

After a brief and paralysing internal discussion about what to order (Sausage and mash. No, burger. No, wait, sausage... argh... don't make me choose), I picked the usual beetroot burger. This was truly a dill-heavy birthday. No regrets on that one.

Then we got a beetroot brownie to share. Looks like it was a beetroot heavy birthday too. Again, no regrets there either. Despite normally being a beetroot dodger ('it tastes like mud', he moans, 'it's geophagy!') Mr FtVs was still able to relieve me of half my brownie. On my birthday too. Pretty sure that's grounds for divorce. Admittedly, we'd have to get married first, but still.

From the half of the brownie I did get to eat, I can report it was the sort of comforting fudgy goodness you'd hope to round off a day of good food on your birthday. Another solar orbit, another day well spent, and another day well eaten.


  1. Happy belated Birthday Joey! It looks like you had a pretty epic day food wise. I haven't tried the new Booja Booja flavours yet but raspberry ripple is top of the list when I do and you ate both of my fave's at Mildred's! I can't divert my attention from the Polish burger, it's just too good (dill forever!) and that beet brownie kinda blew my mind - I am not a veggies / beans in my dessert kinda person but it was truly delicious.

  2. A very happy belated birthday to you! What an awesome day of bday eating! So many treats! The tofu scramble looks particularly enticing, sometimes simple really is the best. :-)

  3. First, happy birthday! I wish you a wonderful year. Next, I compliment you on your obvious ability to choose the choicest birthday dishes. I was fixated on the scramble until I saw the beet burger — I want one of those. I made a beet burger once and it was delicious, but, alas, I never made it again. I'll have to correct that mistake.

  4. yay! Happy 1 more solar orbit!
    I'm a beet FAN so go as heavy as you want to. I've yet to have it in a baked good though, I think.
    that is some beautiful lookin ice cream too! maybe I'm just a fan of purple.
    Breakfast bowl toppings look fantastic, especially the figs! but what does the porridge consist of? Chia and oats?

  5. Happy Birthday! It looks like you ate wonderfully, and I aspire to make it to Mildred's one day...

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Joey.
    It looks like you had a fantastic day with many good eats. I do like traditional tofu scramble and ams pleased the version you made with simple ingredients impressed you, I will see if I can find the book in Waterstones, just to have a nosy first.
    I haven't eaten at Mildreds for obvious reasons, but hope to one day if and when we visit Camden again. I do have the cookbook though and think their version of Dill Beetroot Burger recipe is in there. I do love beetroot brownies, you may have seen my veggie version on Insta a little while back, i have also blogged about it in the past. I have not had a vegan version though, not yet. All in all it looks like a Birthday full of good eats, once again - belated Happy Birthday to you.

  7. Hope it was happy, Joey! I loved Mildred's when I visited and the chocolate Booja Booja ice cream pot made me the happiest person waiting for a delayed train. Wish we could get them in the states, but happy to hear you love their chocolates because I believe I can order them (just not on international women's day).

  8. Happy belated birthday. Sounds like a great one! I don't like beetroot on it's own much but I am partial to it in a burger and LOVE it combined with chocolate in baked goods.

  9. Happy birthday! I love these sorts of posts too, except when the day features a string of salads - happily not the case here! It looks like you got some birthday worthy meals in :-)

  10. Happy birthday - sounds like you ate well and were even gracious enough to share that brownie - I think Mr FtVs should have thrown the mini golf game to deserve this :-)


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