Chai-poached peaches with coconut yoghurt recipe

There are somethings that I reckon if put £10 on, I wouldn't lose my money: the sun rises, politicians are an embarrassment to the human race, and I'll always want dessert.

In an ideal world, I'd mainly eat dessert, in fact. Comforting crumble and custard, cheesecake drowned with sharp fruit puree, an elaborately iced cupcake - I love them all. Only, being a bit lazy by nature, I can't always be bothered to make any of those things.

This is a dessert I can be arsed to make though, because it doesn't really take a great deal of effort, and you can make it with the sort of things that you normally have in your store cupboard or fridge.

It's also adaptable depending on what season you're in -- the last time I made it, it was on the cusp of summer and autumn, so I used some late summer peaches and some early autumn plums, with yellow flesh. Also, choosing fruit that's in season makes it even cheaper - and so student friendly!

It was inspired by a dessert that I saw on the menu when I went to Mildreds last. I didn't order it (I chose the panna cotta instead, because I've never seen a vegan one on a menu before) but it lodged in my mind enough to make me want to make my own cackhanded version at home. If I was Mildred's, I bet I'd take the skins off the fruit, but who has time for that? If you're desperate to flense your fruit, the skin will start coming off at the edges as it poaches, and you can then grab it and peel it off if you're of a mind to.

If you're trying to fancy it up even more, you could crumble some vegan shortbread or crushed pistachios over the top - only if it's not too much effort for you, mind.

Chai poached peaches and plums
serves three to four

3 large peaches
3 large yellow-flesh plums
Two chai teabags
One pint of boiling water
40g of sugar (the amount of sugar you need will depend on how sweet your fruit and yoghurt, so adjust to your taste)
One small pot of vanilla coconut yoghurt (or other vegan yoghurt that you like)

How you do it
Cut the plums and peaches into six segments each.
Pour the boiling water into a saucepan, add the teabags, and leave to steep for five minutes.
Remove the bags, add the sugar and stir til dissolved.
Turn the heat up, add the fruit, and simmer for 15-20 minutes until soft.
Pile into bowls, and top with yoghurt.


  1. What a great idea, it looks and sounds fancy but takes minimal efforts and ingredients. I love the idea of crumbling some shortbread on top too. I'm enjoying your theme so much!

  2. Mmmm now that does look and sound very good. I love how golden it looks almost like its shmmering with some gold leaf. Yes, some texture from crushed pistachios or shortbread would be welcome.

  3. Mmmm even I could give this a go. I'm not a big fan of drinking chai tea, but I do like the spiced flavours so I think I'd definitely be up for stealing some of my boyfriend's bags for this :D

  4. I'm the same way on desserts, much too lazy to make my own, much too happy to eat the effort of others. Your dessert looks like a great compromise, sweet and easy. :-)


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