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Five vegan breakfasts

Breakfast is one of my top three meals of the day. Without a doubt, it's up there with lunch and dinner.

But out of those three meals, breakfast is the one that strays towards monotony. It's porridge, porridge and more porridge.

Don't misunderstand me, I do like a bit of porridge, but how many permutations can you devise for porridge? The best I managed recently was adding in some frozen cherries I found at the bottom of freezer. Not only did was it sweet and juicy, it was delightfully pink. That was enough to make me enjoy welcome porridge again.

But when I have a bit more time to spare, I want to step up breakfast from porridge, pink or no pink.
The other day, we had tofu ranchero for dinner. Happily, there was some left over the next morning, and it made a rather pleasing bagel filling.

I might call it fusion food and claim to have discovered the next big food trend, but I'm pretty sure that most things are good in bagels. If you've ever found something that doesn't suit being put in a bagel, you let me know. It could be the next big scientific discovery. When they open the bagel category for the Nobel Prize, we'll be all over it.

In the pregan days - those ones, those long ago - I hated yoghurt. I really didn't - too sour, too plain, too boring. After switching to veganism - that decision, that smart decision - I never felt really bothered with the vegan equivalent. But when friends of the non-vegan persuasion started to sing the praises of coconut yoghurt, I thought maybe I should see what all the fuss was about.

Since then, I've been flitting back and forth between CoYo and Coconut Collaborative pots - the latter's mango and passionfruit in particular makes me very happy.

And if you're not already sick of seeing avocado on toast, here's some more. It's your normal smashed avo but with dry-fried linseeds on top and pepperdew peppers inside. I only recently found pepperdew peppers without cheese inside, so when I saw a jar, I snapped some up to experiment with. I also like to top it with the linseeds, because when they cook a little, they start crisping up and oozing oil, and it reminds me of something a little Southern-fried.

Lastly, but not leastly, in praise of the humble English muffin. I always keep a few in the freezer in case of breakfasty emergencies. 

For jam, there's often a jar of something homemade knocking around, but sometimes for a real treat, I dip into my hotel stash. Whenever I go to a hotel, or Mr Flicking the Vs does, we pick up a jar or two of those tiny jams that they put out at breakfast. There's something really pleasing about cracking open one of those Lilliputian pots at my own breakfast table, especially if they're something I don't have at home - case in point marmalade. A couple of muffins, a bit of marmalade, a cup of tea - there just isn't a better start to the morning. 

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  1. Five breakfasts and not a single smoothie! Without smoothies and avocado on crackers, my breakfasts would disappear. I think my ruts must run deeper than yours. :)

  2. yum!! I am a BREAKFAST NUT. I love breakfast so much. I usually have the same thing for a few days in a row and then move along to something new -- so I love seeing all your ideas! Lately I've rediscovered the joys of english muffins! I have been using dehydrated peanut butter, but re-hydrating it with half-water and half-lime marmalade. So good!! But this week I am having tofu quiche for breakfast, also good!

  3. I am terrible for breakfast, the only time I make 'time' for it is weekends and its often a veggie fry up, during the week its often a flapjack. I am liking all your brekkie's and the smashed avo with linseed, interesting indeed.

  4. You've reminded me that it's been way too long between English muffins. I have a healthy craving for one with marmalade now!

  5. smashed avo and any leftovers on bagel sounds really good to me - I just had a porridge phase that didn't last - keep wanting it to return but I go tired of the stuff and have been on the muesli bandwagon last year - this year is wraps - and sometimes yoghurt because I love the stuff but the coyo is just too rich and not enough sour

  6. Mmm, I would love all of these. I was the same with yoghurt, never touched the dairy version but I'm a big fan of the coconut ones and I like the organic Provomel ones too.

  7. yayayay i love breakfast!! Unfortunately, the only time I really get to do it proper is on days off, but I cherish those times for sure.
    The porridge is very pretty but avocado toast really has my heart. It's one that's quick enough to do even before I rush to work. mine is usually topped with black salt, cayenne, paprika, and hemp seeds these days! Once I added scallions and that was lovely but I had to brush my teeth extra well, for my co-workers' sake.

  8. I think I must be doing avocado on toast all wrong because I toast the bread plain and then mash the avo atop! I sprinkle with nooch, so no crisping or oozing oil.

  9. Love breakfast! And I love toast. Jam. Avocado. Peanut butter....

  10. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so I'm really happy to see this post! I habitually wake up early even at the weekend, so I always have time to get up and make pancakes or something fancier for those nice lazy days.

  11. Nice breakfast assortment lately! Anything on a bagel makes a great meal... My weekday breakfasts are often the same- coffee from my bialetti, and yogurt with nuts and whatever fruit; come the weekend i love going out for brunch or finding a bagel shop for an everything bagel with tofutti

  12. I love breakfast, mostly because I wake up starving and ready to eat. Those are all excellent options, I'll second your nomination on the bagel. :-)

  13. "Breakfast is one of my top three meals of the day." - you crack me up!! :) I haven't tried pepperdew peppers but I don't think anything would be bad with avocado!


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