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Ethiopian, mystery sauces, and donuts: What's been keeping me alive recently

I should be all about the Christmas posts right now, and the things I'm making ahead for the festive season. But I'm not, I'm laid up with a weird injury to my foot that means I can't really get out and about.

So, I'm forced to plunder pictures on my phone to remember what I've been eating.

Firstly, this platter of Ethiopian loveliness, courtesy of a place around Old Street. It was massive and surprisingly good for £5. I wish I could remember the name of the place, because I'd be back there like a whippet up a drainpipe.

I love the way that, with Ethiopian food, you get to try a million different dishes on one plate. Mr Flicking the Vs has a pathological hatred of me pinching food off his plate (note: this doesn't in any way stop me doing just that) but at least with Ethiopian food, I get to try out a little of everything, so his dinner is safe from my questing fork.

I also stopped into Mamma Dough in Honor Oak Park for a rather pleasing pizza (and this coming from an avowed pizza skeptic.) Not only was it pleasing because it was a crispy pizza with lots of vegan toppings, but because of an exchange with the waiter. After thumbing the menu, I made the usual 'can I have a pizza with no egg, no dairy' etc etc request with the guy who said 'Oh, you want a vegan one?' I could have hugged him. Yes, yes, I did want a vegan one. And not only did I get a vegan version of a veggie pizza, but the waiter popped back to see if I'd like any veggies instead of the missing cheese.

Unusually for me when confronted with a pizza the size of a dustbin lid, I finished the whole lot.

My photo doesn't do it much justice, but trust me, it was a good solid pizza.

I also managed to get out for a walk around Camden not so long ago. Given it's a very long way from me, I don't get out there as often as I'd like. Apart from a long walk along the canal or a nosey around the markets, there's always something good to eat in Camden.

Case in point: MyVillage. A small cafe up towards the Chalk Farm end of Camden, I'd been in once before and had a decent if unexciting falafel affair. I decided to give it another go and chose a vegan MyVillage meal.

I'm glad I paid that return visit: like the Ethiopian platter, I loved that there were so many different things to sample, and that there was a nice mix of veggies, proteins, and carbs. I also was rather charmed by one of the sauces, which was delicious, but due to ingredients I couldn't identify. I kept taking tiny mouthfuls trying to suss it out, but it eluded me. Who doesn't love a bit of mystery with their dinner?

And the best thing about Camden? Cookies and Scream. If there's a reason to be grateful for Camden being such a trek from where I live, it's that Cookies and Scream is so far away.

Don't get me wrong, I think they do some of the best vegan cakes in London, but that's why I'm glad we're not neighbours - otherwise I'd be stopping in their every day to get myself some sweet treat or other, and wearing out what little remains of my student budget.

As it is, it's a rare treat to get to Cookies and Scream, but one that always pays out. Case in point: this bad boy salted caramel donut that I picked up on my recent visit. Who wouldn't want to put themselves on the outside of something like this:

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  1. I've never tried Ethopian food before and I'm beginning to feel really left out seeing all these great pictures on blogs and Instagram! There seems to be one Ethiopian restaurant in Manchester with a pretty meat-tastic menu, but I'm determined to grab one of these huge plates of tasty looking food one day.

  2. Sorry to hear about your foot keeping you in - though at least you can be all cosy inside while it is cold out which is a joy of winter! It must be have been so good to hear the V word at the pizza place and I know what you mean about cookies and scream - I think I would love that doughnut but it is probably not a wise wish on top of all the Christmas indulgences

  3. I have yet to visit Cookies and Scream - it's right at the top of my To Visit list! I do love East London Ethiopian though and your plate looks great.

  4. I hope your injury heals soon! There is plenty of holiday to be had, I hope you can get out and into it! In the meantime, the Ethiopian plate looks colorfully delicious. Yum!

  5. Love love love Ethiopian plates. Or any sort of sample plate, really, but definitely ones with spicy, filling, delicious Ethiopian food.
    Gorgeous donut too. it's my birthday tomorrow and i'm considering getting one for breakfast myself...

  6. That really is one of the best parts about Ethiopian food! That platter is huge, I don't think I've ever had one with peas before. High five to awesome waiters/waitresses who know the meaning of vegan and are cool about it. What happened to your foot? I hope it doesn't damper your holiday plans too much!

  7. Bummer on the foot injury, hope it's all better soon. I've only had Ethiopian food once before but I don't remember it looking as yummy as your picture. :-)


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