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Vegan MoFo day 29 - Road trip with a side of imagination

This whole post is basically a lie.

I don't do road trips. If I'm travelling, it's by train rather than road. And if I'm on that train with Mr Flicking the Vs, then normally we take the following elaborately prepared selections of vegan delights:

1) Slices of fruit cake, tea.
2) a bag of pretzels, some premixed gin and tonics
3) a bag of dry roasted peanuts, some premixed gin and tonics
4) sandwiches, crisps, some premixed gin and tonics.

The preponderance of premixed gin and tonics is not because we are secret lushes, but because it's unwise to take to the British train system without some fortifying Dutch courage. It's cramped, noisy, and outrageously expensive. Drinking is the only way to see you through it. If travelling at an hour early enough to preclude gin and tonic, apply tea and cake and hope for the best.

So, having told the truth about what I actually eat and drink during 'road trips', I will now proceed to lie to you and tell you what, in my mind, I would take with me.

Should I ever own a car, I will pack a hamper, put on some outrageously large shades and head scarf, 1940s movie star-style, and take the top down (the car's, not mine.) I will be glowing with health, and I will take these things with me:

I will have homemade pecan raw truffles, and Nakd's bakewell tart bar, for it is their best flavour. I will have fruit, and chopped veg sticks, and almond butter to dip them in. There will be nuts, kale chips, and rice crackers for when I get the savoury bug, and Pret's ever-so-refreshing cucumber seltzer and gallons of green tea to wash it all down with.

You may have spied my Thermos flask up there. It will have provoked one of two reactions in you: if you do not own one, you will think 'Thermos flasks, aren't they for geography students and the very old?'. If you own one, you will think 'yes, the Thermos flask, a genius invention that has changed my life.'

Everything is better with tea, you see. Everything. And with a Thermos flask, no matter where you are - up a mountain, in the desert, on the British rail system - you can make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy saving the ridiculous sums that most places charge for a teabag and some warm water. So, if you haven't got one, go out and buy one. You'll thank me, honestly.

So, that's what I would like to imagine taking with me on my fictional roadtrip, hair blowing in the wind as I speed down the coast to Monaco.

But in reality, because I'm not a health nut, and I don't own a convertible, I'd take these delights instead:

Salt and vinegar chipsticks! Vego (who doesn't love Vego?) Peanot butter No-Nos. Some random tart thing I found! Gingerbread Alpro! A Clif bar - with moar peanut butter!) And I'd take some tea and hot chocolate, in case I didn't have enough caffeine or sugar. I'd probably arrive at my destination with the sugar shakes, but at least I'd have enjoyed my travels. With these bunch of treats, I'd be proving it really is better to travel than arrive.

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  1. Can I join you? Both of your food selections would suit me just fine! I laughed at your G&T requirements on the trains too. I usually travel in the day and get by with a coffee but there is certainly a need for alcohol or caffeine when the trains are full capacity.

  2. Ooooh I forgot about the Alpro puddings for my road trip. I'd like to take a random tart thing too.

  3. Gin in a tin. I knew I'd left something off my list! Good choices, I have exactly the same flask :)

  4. I love that that coffee drink is called Rebel Mylk. This road trip sounds like a good time!

  5. Awesome picks for the road trip, indeed!

  6. Hahaha. I love your lists - but especially your real list with the G&Ts! ;)

  7. very similar to mine, minus the gin and vodka - you party animal.

  8. Road trips are not a regular in my world either, I'm all for G&Ts on the train, especially with the s&v chips.

  9. I love all of your selections! I seldom have road trips these days (it's just not gonna happen with 3 young kids, including a baby) but if I did go on a road trip, I agree that gin and tonic is essential.

  10. You may very well have just written my shopping list should I ever get to London. I've never had a g&t on purpose, but I was once served on by accident on an airplane.

    This whole post is basically a lie. hahahaha.

  11. Haha, great post. I love the idea of glowing with health in an old convertable, head scarf blowing in the wind. However I also love the idea of non-healthy snacks, because - ROAD TRIP!

  12. oh my gosh, your array of euro snacks is giving me heart palpitations!!! Vego bars! Alpro (gingerbread flavor??)! Little tarts! Nakd Bars! Clearly, if you ever DO go on a road trip, you and your long flowing scarf will be doing it with great style. Nice!


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