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Feel the food fear and cook it anyway: Savoury muffins

I've been posting occasional posts called feel the food fear and cook it anyway, where I attempt to cook something that's long given me the heebie jeebies.

This is sort of a variant of that - more like a 'feel the food rage and cook it anyway'.

The subject of my food rage is savoury muffins. I've attempted to make these before, several times.

you know the quote about 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results?' Well, it's that. I was convinced that savoury avocado muffins were the way forward and attempted on more than one occasion to do find the secret recipe that I believed the world needed

I failed. A lot. A lot of weird avocado doughballs met their end in my kitchen. I wept, I gnashed my teeth, but I kept going. And kept failing.

After that, it was with some trepidation that I decided, months later, to return to savoury muffins after seeing an appealing recipe for a sweetcorn and sun-dried tomato version.

The recipe, which you can find here, is not vegan, but it's easily veganised. I omitted the cheese and replaced it with a bit of nooch, and dodged the egg in favour of a flax equivalent.

Here's what happened:

Not too shabby eh? All light and flavourful - the tarragon helped there, given it's pretty much the king of herbs and if you don't agree, I'll arm-wrestle til you change your mind.

One thing I have noticed with flax eggs (I think it's the flax eggs) is if you leave a baked product with flax in them for a day or two, and then pull off a chunk, you get these almost spider-web like see-through strands. Is that just me, or can you tell me what's causing it?

Weird muffin gossamer aside, I'm pretty chuffed with how these turned out, and I'll be making them again.

Reckon avocado would go well in there?

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  1. Your savory muffins look really yummy, and I don't know about the weird strands. Maybe your flax is transforming into cloth. :D (flax fibers come from the plant stem not the seed, so i'm just joking, I think.)

  2. Clearly I need to spend some more time with tarragon. It's an ignored herb in my repertoire. Please don't arm wrestle me.

  3. Bravo for persisting! Avocado doughballs? Now I'm curious where you were headed! Savory muffins sound delicious. I've not used flax eggs, I use Ener-G egg replacer and haven't noticed anything strange. Hmmm. . .

  4. These look great! The sesame seeds look especially interesting.
    I'm a fan of savory muffins. Hannah Kaminsky has a good, herby recipe for some, and I've made spicy muffins with vegan sausage, broccoli, and bell pepper in them before.
    It's like a whole meal in one hand, even better in the fall and winter with soup!

  5. MMMMM love savoury muffins! In Japan and Taiwan, you will see loads of muffins and pastries with weird stuff on it (hehe I don' t want to the list the gross non-vegan ingredients). I reckon that the avocado works well, to provide the creaminess, right?

  6. I adore savoury muffins but haven't bother making them for ages as no-one else at home is into them. I need to head over to your place for a muffin feast - love the thought of using tarragon in savoury muffins! Weird about the spidery strands, I've never noticed that with any of my flax egg baking before.

  7. They look really lovely but I'm not sure about applying heat to avocado. I once had a hot battered avocado in a veggie restaurant and it was one of the most disgusting things I've ever tried to eat and I LOVE avocados.

  8. I've only made savory muffins once or twice but I'm a fan! I tend to eat them alone though since Mr. Muggins will only eat them if they're coated in sugar. I've only had the spidery strands happen when I make muffins with fresh fruit and veg, I think it's the fruit going bad due to heat/humidity that causes that so I always keep them in the fridge and that seems to prevent it.


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