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More flax egg experiments - a date with date and hazelnut loaf

A little bit back, I wrote a little bit about my experiments with flax eggs and how they worked out with cooking a coconut loaf and some simnel muffins (hint: gooooooood). The coconut loaf was from a recipe by Aussie cook Bill Granger, so I thought I'd hit him up for a fresh venture into flax.

The next recipe was a date and hazelnut loaf, which is meant to be a low GI recipe, whatever that means. I just assumed it meant it gives you super powers or something like that. I'm waiting for it to kick in, and keeping my fingers crossed I get invisibility.

The original recipe has been whisked off The Independent's website, more's the pity, but there's a fairly similar one here. The one I cooked had no honey, as you'd expect, and the egg turned into a mix of 1tbsp of flax and 3tbsp of water.

It didn't rise much but with only one egg, flax or otherwise, you'd not expect to.

It was a little bit on the damp side, but it still tasted pretty darn fine - big and chunky, and desperate for a cup of tea to make friends with.

Before cooking with flax, Alpro pudding were my favourite egg replacer but I'm kind of learning to love flax.

More experiments are clearly needed. What's that? You're suggesting that I'm using my interest in cooking chemistry as a way of hiding the fact I just want to make more cake? I'm outraged...

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  1. Yum! This sounds so good! Let the baking with flax egg experiment continue!

  2. That looks so insanely delicious. Wish I could have a slice for tomorrow's brekkie.

  3. Those big fat chunks of dates look amazing in that loaf.

  4. Hah ha, you're pretty funny! I think you should use any excuse you find (un)reasonable to bake more bread and cakes. Tea is waiting!

  5. I wholeheartedly encourage more flax testing/cake making! Especially if you make more stuff like that.
    I use yogurt from time to time but I love the goopiness of flax. I usually increase the leavener when using it by around 1/4 teaspoon per "egg" for some added lift.

  6. Groan..that looks so good! I'm having a before-bed cup of tea right now, would love a slice of that to accompany it!

  7. Alpro pudding? You've lost me on that one. And I really like using flax too, especially in muffins and quick breads (plus they grow it in Saskatchewan so it's hella cheap). Also I am definitely in support of more experiments. :)


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