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Making chocolate-tahini timbales

OK, so I've got the New Year's resolutions down pat - now I just need to work on keeping them.

Luckily enough, making chocolate cake can still count as doing just that - and keeping two resolutions into the bargain.

Back in May, I printed out a recipe for chocolate tahini timbales (here) from The Guardian and it's been sitting in my recipe folder since then. A few months ago,  I bought some coffee liqueur because it was on special offer at the supermarket and it's been hanging around my kitchen since then. (What's that? You know a great way to get rid of booze, and it's called drinking it? Dude, I like your style.)

So, this week, when I finally got around to making the timbales - whose ingredients include coffee liqueur - I got to pat myself on the back. Yep, I got to trough away on a big chocolate dessert and feel smug about it. If it carries on like this, 2013 is going to be awesome.

I've made a few chocolate cakes in my time (yeah, me and everyone else on the planet) but I was mightily impressed with this one nonetheless. The fat comes from tahini rather than vegan margarine or something similar, so you can feel all virtuous, and all the chocolate's that posh high cocoa stuff, so more self high-fiving is in order.

The recipe also scaled down well - I only made a quarter of the recipe, and got two big ramekins of cake out of it - and was happy to be abused. It said to pipe the mix into the timbales, I decided not to bother, and still was proper chuffed with the result.

Consequently, I'm thinking of buying the cookbook the chocolate tahini timbales came from. Maybe I should add an extra New Year's resolution to the list: don't buy any more vegan cookbooks...

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  1. Don't buy any more vegan cookbooks? Sacrilege! ;)

    How cool that the binder/moisture-provider in the recipe is tahini instead of margarine! I'd say you have every right to feel virtuous. I love the gorgeous crackling on top of the timbale. It looks mighty tasty indeed!

  2. Wowza, that looks like a great cake. Liqueur, tahini, chocolate... delicious sounding combination! Why would you need to pipe the batter into the moulds, I wonder? Is it just because it sounds fancier than "plop"??

  3. I've recently become addicted to the chocolate-tahini combo. I could easily shove my face in those timbales, Cookie Monster-style.

  4. Ooh, thanks for sharing, they sound really interesting.

  5. Chocolate and tahini is a flavor combination I have yet to explore - is it pronounced when it's used as the fat, or really subtle? These cakes look great, and ha ha, good luck not buying any vegan cookbooks this year - I always say things like that to myself but there are so. many. awesome. cookbooks. everywhere.

  6. Tahini instead of fat? I like that. The cake looks wonderful and moist.

  7. Would you believe that I've never made a chocolate cake? I'm not counting the Betty Crocker mixes full of chemicals from my childhood - those chocolate cakes don't count. This sounds good - tahini and coffee liquor would definitely make any chocolate baked pastry amazing!

  8. Chocolate and tahini you say? I'm intrigued but not totally on board, can you taste it? It looks awfully delicious though, super fluffy and crackly. Ah hell, even if all you can taste is tahini I'd devour that!

  9. i'd love to know about the tahini taste in the cake too. i have baked cookies with tahini before and couldnt really taste it. i think the chocolate shine sin this one too! looks perfect!


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