X is for Xampinyons

On alright, in my experiment with cooking the alphabet using new ingredients or unknown dishes, I struggled when it came to x. I mean, how many words begin with x, let alone ingredients?

So, this is a bit of a cop out. Inspired by my recent holiday in Barcelona, I decided to cook with xampinyons - that's Catalan (the local language in that area of Spain) for mushrooms.

In keeping at least in the spirit of my MoFo endeavours, I tried to rustle up a recipe that was both new to me and Catalan to boot.

Step forward Xampinyons en salsa - a recipe that may or may not be authentically Catalan, but its name had that vital X in it, and so made it onto my MoFo list.

In English, it sounds a bit more prosaic - mushrooms in sauce - but at least the ingredients were Catalan. Oh alright, it's just mushrooms with a tomato and sherry sauce But hey, there's an X in there, right?

Here's what the result ended up like:

And yep, it looked as underwhelming as it tasted. And it tasted underwhelming as all get-out.

Still, not every experiment can work out, so I'll chalk this one up to experience and next time I need a Catalan food beginning with X for a VeganMoFo post, I'll make something with Xocolat!


  1. I was wondering what you would come up with for x, I couldn't think of anything apart from xanthan gum! Nice idea to go with another language and a recipe from the region. It's a shame it didn't turn out to be an exciting meal.

  2. Mushrooms with tomato-sherry sauce doesn't sound underwhelming to me at all, but then again I'm a bit of a mushroom fanatic.

  3. Oh yeah, x, forgot about that one. :) Too bad this didn't turn out so hot - in theory, seasoned mushrooms on toast should be a glorious thing!

  4. You actually have double the X because sherry vinegar is also known as Xeres vinegar!

    And not a cop out at all, good idea to make this dish! I like the sound of mushrooms in a tomatoey sauce with some toast on the side ;)


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