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Maoz falafel Barcelona takeaway review

Maoz falafel joints are apparently not uncommon around the world - there's a chain of them that covers the US and Europe, taking in the Netherlands and France along the way. There's even a branch in London, where I live, but I've never stopped in for a falafel fix - a situation that a night on the tiles in Barcelona prompted me to fix last week.

Maoz's Barcelona branch is a tiny one, with a few benches where the falafel hungry can stop for a bite and, handily, rest their fries in specially constructed divots, leaving hands free to tackle the stuffed pittas in front of them.As the nature of my excellent photography may attest, this visit to Moaz was paid after more than a couple of falling down waters.

Happily, Maoz is just what you need after a night on the beers - falafel served in a big pillowy pitta with enough salads to satisfy the hungriest herbivore and enough hot sauces to damp down the sort of bravado that Spanish beer can inspire. (Maoz is not entirely vegan, but the vast majoity of what it serves is animal free, and those things that aren't are obviously so - coleslaw in mayonnaise, for example.)

Maoz gives you two falafel-y options: three falafels in a pot which you fill up with salads, or four in a pitta that you pull off the same stuff-as-much-in-as-you-can trick with. I opted for the pitta, and got heartily stuck in to the Jenga-like game of seeing just how many different types of salads, veggies, and sauces I could forcibly wedge into the bread. Deep fried cauliflower (deliciously greasy) made the cut, as did olives, cornichons, a fairly bland carrot salad and a more interesting caraway-flavoured cabbage arrangement, some hot sauce and a pickled chilli for good measure.

And that's about half the range of extras that Maoz stumps up, alas, my pitta was already bursting at the seams and was promptly whisked outside to be swallowed down in record speed.

There are many falafel places in the world, and Maoz isn't particularly unique or outstanding among them, but as a tasty means of sopping up beer, it definitely gets my vote.

Maoz Vegetarian
13 Carrer de Ferran
Barcelona, Spain
(+34) 678 604 946

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  1. I'm a bit of a falafel snob myself, so I will only do as you direct when visiting - it's purpose will be to "sop up beer". :)

  2. The Maoz in Amsterdam saved my life last time I was there. I got flu and spent the last two days unable to get out of bed. We were staying in a hostel and my ex kept making trips there to get me falafel and boxes of salad so I didn't starve! He was one of the least foodie people I know and non-vegan so I was so grateful for maoz!

    1. Hooray for Maoz! Falafel must have been the saviour of vegans all around the world in food-based difficulties so many times. It's like some sort of superhero tagteam with hummus!


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