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Vegan pain au chocolat - the easy way

Every now and again, you come across a vegan version of something you didn't know you missed until you find you can eat it once again.

Step forward the vegan pain au chocolat. According to Jus Rol's website, all the company's products are suitable for vegans with the exception of its All Butter and Sweet Shortcrust products which contain butter.

That means that its croissants, puff pastry and - hooray! - pain au chocolat are all animal-free and suitable for a greedy vegan sod like me.

I can also happily report that the pain au chocolat is AWESOME - light, fluffy and as chocolately as you could wish.

While it's all ready made stuff, the wrestling with the cardboard tube, shaping the pains and giving them a brush of non-dairy milk makes you feel like you're a kickass baker when you whip the resulting hot steaming tray of loveliness out of the oven.

And all that for about £1.70 a pop - what more can a vegan ask for?

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ooh, didn't know about these, thanks!

  3. Oh yum. And great, now I want a chocolate croissant ;-)


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