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One week cooking from The Vegan Boulangerie

OK, OK, so this isn't a proper 'one week cooking from', given it's a bit tricky to make and eat five loaves of bread between two people in one week!

So, instead here's a few loaves I've made from The Vegan Boulangerie cookbook. This has been one of my favourite 'one week' experiments because everything - yes, every last loaf - came out a winner.

Beyond my odd Doris Grant experiments, I've not made a huge amount of bread. Even when I tried one of those 'just add water' type mixes, I ended up with a loaf that was tasty but more use as a hockey puck than a sandwich casing.

So, The Vegan Boulangerie, I take my hat off to you. Not only are all the recipes I tried solid gold win, but they're novel to boot - French cuisine doesn't lend itself to vegan cooking, so it's a nice change from my usual run of cooking. Along with bread, there's pastries, cakes, biscuits and other bits and pieces - even vegan macarons, which I'm looking forward to giving a whirl later.*

Here's the poppy seed loaf - very light and tasty.

This is the tomato roule - a light tomatoey flavour that gives sandwiches an interesting savoury bonus.

And onto the brown onion bread. My bread-loving other half pronounced "you can make it again. Can I have the rest?" which is high praise in this house.

This one's a carrot loaf - lightly sweet but no bad thing for that.

This is a wholemeal baguette. It wasn't as crusty as a proper baguette should be, but it was good and fluffy.

The amount of water in the recipes was a bit variable, but with a bit of luck and a bit of judgement, and you'll end of with some top wheaty treats. Go buy this one.

*That said, there's quite a few analogues for meat or egg dishes in this book, which I'm not convinced about. Perhaps it's time for my first second 'one week cooking from'!

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  1. Yay, I can comment again! Your comment box appeared to have disappeared for a while. Bread...love it! These loaves look like they turned out just great. I'll have to check out that cook book.

  2. These all look great, I love the sound of the tomato roule and brown onion bread! I haven't baked any interesting breads recently but your post has made me want to.

  3. Jean-Michel Oblette (author)27 March 2012 at 18:57

    Hey! Thank you so much for the praise! It's amazing to see that a book that was originally written for friends and colleagues has passed the test of demanding vegan experts.
    I got to say we were well pleased with the breads. My favorite is the Sweet Pepper... just out of the oven with some Pure vegan spread on it...
    Again thank you for your very kind post, and happy baking!

    1. Hi Jean-Michel, I am a very big fan of the book - thanks so much for publishing it!


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