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One week cooking from Simply Good Food

This is my fourth 'one week cooking from' post - the fourth time I've cooked from one cookbook all week.

There's not much in the way of photos this week, because this week's recipe book -  Simply Good Food - didn't deliver as much as some of its predecessors.

As the title would suggest, the recipes were simple. They were definitely food. But good? Not always.

First up, Seed Bread. I like making bread, but I'm a lazy bugger. I can't often be bothered to wait for it to rise and then work up a sweat with the kneading. The seed bread didn't need too much of either handily enough, and still rose like a dream, ended up being light and flu and tasted not half bad either.

The same couldn't be said for the Gougere of Caramelised Vegetables.  (The choux wasn't vegan, so I substituted a recipe from the Vegan Boulangerie instead.) It was, like most child actors, a bit too sweet and a little weird. Winter veg are sweet enough without the sugar that the recipe called for, and the end result was soggy and sugary. Not a great combo.

I also made Sweet Baked Beetroot. The fact that I can't remember if it was a hit or not probably tells you what you need to know about that.

Savoury Filo Triangles were like a vegan spanakopita - spinach, tofu in place of feta, and a bit of spice. Yeah, they were alright. If you'd told me they came from an Iceland £1 a pack range, I wouldn't have been surprised. Yep, I'm now the vegan Kerry Katona!

Savoury Pancakes though, they were alright. Well, the pancake batter was really watery and needed loads of flour before it could be made into crepes. So, not alright then. Still, post flour surgery, the pancakes filled with veggies and baked in the oven under a big blanket of tomato sauce were pretty nice.

But you know what's good right? Chocolate and amaretto and biscuits, that's what. What's that you say, Simply Good Food? I could combine these ingredients into a Apricot Chocolate Refrigerator Cake? I could bring some of it around to a friend, who practically wept with joy at its magnificence? And it made me forgive you all your trespasses against veganism? Yes, yes you're right. Apricot chocolate refrigerator cake couldn't have been any better if it have made itself and brought itself to me with a cup of tea. Apricot chocolate refrigerator cake, I love you.

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