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Bibimbap restaurant review

If I find myself out in Soho with a hunger and a tenner in my pocket, I'll often head to Bibimbap - a Korean restaurant that serves the rice-plus-topping combos the restaurant is named after.

There are five veggie bibimbaps on offer, and if you count the Dol-sot dish - the one that features on the restaurant's logo - without the egg, then there are five vegan bibimbaps on offer too.

A bibimbap is basically a large mess of white or brown rice, with veggies and tofu on top and served in a sizzling hot bowl. There are two sauces on the side - one chilli, one miso - that you pour on top of the dish, then stir the whole thing up. That's one of the joys of bibimbaps (the dish) - that you're encouraged to mix it up to your taste. Don't like chilli? Leave it out. Like chilli? Pour enough on to kill a small elephant.

Normally I go for the tofu or the kimchi choices - they're lovely and won't set you back more than £7 or £8. More importantly, they'll keep you going for hours - you'll find yourself filling up before your bowl empties.

The restaurant is an informal, plastic-chairs-and-tables type place. The service is a bit brusque, but who cares? The food is cheap and good - go try it out.

11 Greek Street
London W1D 4DJ
020 7287 3434

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  1. Oooh exciting. Just checked out the website and it looks great, not to mention the convenient location :) Thanks for the review.

  2. Wow, that sounds ace. Will bookmark for future reference!

  3. Just looked over all the posts visible on this page and have decided I love your blog. Great honesty on the reviews, whether they be on restaurants, cookbooks, or your own cooking. Now, I've just got to find my money translator to figure how many pounds to a dollar or vice versa. :-)


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