The joy of vegan cupcakes

I'm guessing that every vegan worth their salt - and for that matter, anyone with functioning tastebuds and a couple of quid burning a hole in their pocket - knows about the existence of Ms Cupcake.

Ms Cupcake's shop is a few minutes down Coldharbour Lane in Brixton and, as fans of literalist naming will spot, she sells cupcakes - all vegan, all awesome.

Despite living in London for the best part of a decade - and for most of it one or two tube stops away from Brixton - I hadn't heard of the purveyor of icing-laden cake loveliness until I got back from travelling a month or so ago. Let's just say, I've made up for my ignorance in the last few weeks.

I would have loved Ms Cupcake because it sells vegan cakes, but I love it even more because it sells *great* vegan cakes. I love it more than a woman should love a cake shop because it sells great vegan cakes in stupidly wonderful assortment of flavours.
Options over my last visits ranged from the classic - Triple Chocolate, Mochachino, that's you - to the esoteric - Mojito, you're up - to the quite frankly inspired - Ferrero Rocher, I'm looking at you here. Looking at you and dribbling.

Both times I've been to the shop I've shared my spoils with a friend of mine who has the sweetest of sweet teeth and an encyclopaedic knowledge of anything guaranteed to put the wind up the dentist. What she doesn't know about desserts is not only not worth knowing, it probably won't be known until alien civilisations land with knowledge of otherworldy puddings. And yes, she loved Ms Cupcake's work as much as I did.

Ms Cupcake is proof god loves vegans and wants us to be happy. If you've not been, go. If you have been, I know you'll be back. I'll see in the queue.

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